Over 40 years on the market own production and manufacturing


Since 1981, my mineral wholesale trading company in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart has been your innovative and reliable partner for specialist trading with gemstones, healing stones and jewelry internationally and for people who work with minerals and gemstones professionally like natural healers, therapists, massage institutes, feng shui consultants and others.

Minerals and gemstones can be used in many ways: as jewelry, as valuable gift articles, for crystal healing, for massages and wellness treatments, as room accessories and as decorative and collector’s items.

You will find about 10 000 articles in our online shop, grouped within the four quality brands The Mole’s Gifts from Nature®, Chili Creative®, Chili Jewels® and Lapis Vitalis®.

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Marco Schreier

Chili Creative – Jewelry Design

Our Chili Creative range is ideal for goldsmiths and artisans who like designing unique jewelry themselves using genuine stones.

Here you will find everything regarding jewelry design, making necklaces and bracelets, wire wrapping, earring wires and posts, Donut holders and change systems for drilled stones. We also have a very large selection of drilled stone parts, donuts, tumbled stones, hearts, cabochons & freeforms flat, rough stones and natural crystals as well as strings of beads and pearls.

These are complemented by a vast selection of silver beads and clasps made of sterling silver and gold plated silver, bead stringing material, and strings for drilled stones made of cotton, leather, nylon rubber and silk as well as omega chokers and silver chains.

Chili Jewels – Designer Jewelry

Handmade unique jewelry made from silver and also small and exquisite ranges of silver jewelry with genuine stones can be found in this group of our product range.

We manually craft rings, earrings and stud earrings, pendants, bracelets and colliers & necklaces and love combining unusual stones with silver or gold-plated silver.

Design „Made in Germany“ from our design studio in Ludwigsburg. Ideal for galleries, upmarket gift shops, jewelers and gold smiths, wishing to enhance their product range.

Lapis Vitalis – Wellness with Gemstones

Gemstone wellness, gemstone massages, hot stone treatments and many alternative treatment methods utilize minerals and gemstones as therapy stones.

Extensive literature like, for example, the book Healing Stones from A to Z by Michael Gienger can be found in our product range and also all important therapy stone methods and forms. Massage styluses and wands, Flat stones, chakra stones and hot stone sets are just as much part of the range as the VitaJuwel products, Gemstone Balance items and water stones. Perfect for therapists, masseurs, wellness studios and therapy stone consultants.

The Mole's Gifts from Nature

Gift articles and collector’s items made from genuine precious stones, minerals and gemstones.

As a reseller, you will find everything that your clients desire here: from tumbled stones used as palm stones, to affordable jewelry with stones, chains and pendants, stone hearts, eggs and pyramids, minerals and rough stones, fossils and for big and small collectors and also including sales aids like displays and starter packages with lucky stones, astro stones, power bracelets and many more.