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Violet - Purple


The Pantone Institute studies and analyzes numerous trends in fashion, design, architecture and more around the world. After evaluations in fields as diverse as the packaging industry and art collections, each year the Pantone Institute names a color that perfectly reflects the mood of the year. Numerous fashion designers, manufacturers of cosmetics and interior designers take up this trend color and bring corresponding products on the market - here then the matching jewelry may not be missing!

Ultraviolet, the color of the year 2018, is a mystical, almost dramatic shade. The dark purple, going into blue, is inspired by the dark night sky lit by stars - the curiosity for the coming day brings this color right along. Ultraviolet inspires, goes beyond the limits of the known and encourages experimentation and new, unfamiliar experiences. Ultraviolet supports visionary thinking; it is the color of the arts and creativity.

But the calm base tone of the hue makes ultraviolet a shade that conveys the theme of serenity - so in color therapy, purple colors have long been used to paint rooms.

Ultraviolet can be perfectly combined with other colors; depending on the combination, the result looks opulent to luxurious (yellow and especially gold), for example, in an evening dress of purple, shimmering velvet with matching gold jewelry. Looking back in history, ultraviolet has often been the color of the powerful in church and society; only the really rich could afford the elaborate production of the color from dark blue Lapis Lazuli and the red purple snails.

Tone in tone with other shades of purple such as violet, lilac, lavender or fuchsia, the color looks very modern. Purple, as ultraviolet is called in English, but also tolerates strong contrasts, for example, with green or warm brown tones; here the elegance of the color is particularly emphasized.

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