Over 40 years on the market + own production in China and Indonesia

The Summer Sale opening hours:

Thursday, July 16, 2020: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Friday, July 17. July 2020: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, July 18, 2020: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, July 19, 2020: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

In order to attend the Summer Sale, registration is required in advance on all sale days.

For details, see the blog post from 18. June 2020.


Because of the current situation, the regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg for events and of course for the protection of our customers and employees, we unfortunately have to limit the number of customers per day. We ask for your understanding and very much look forward to welcoming you in person.

Please bring masks! Masks must be worn in all enclosed areas and in the tents. For the protection of all visitors and the team, we can unfortunately not deviate from the requirements of the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg on hygiene, distance and mask obligation.


July 21, 2020: box office :-)

Many thanks to the visitors of the Summer Sale, who enjoyed cool drinks, fresh salads and delicious food from the grill at the "Lunch in the Park" and donated afterwards for the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V..

On Monday after the Summer Sale, we emptied the donation pots and counted a total of 1043.30 €, which we will pass on to the association on your behalf.Thank you very much!


July 16, 2020: here we go!



After four months of doing our first online open house, inventory, and major remodel, the sale showroom is now open again!

And that's right including the weekend of the big Summer Sale from July 16-19, 2020!

We look forward to seeing you!


15. July 2020: Berk is here!

It was crowded on the highway once, but now company Berk is here and busy unpacking! The shelves are filled, a place is found for the orders brought and above all: the popular blue bargain boxes are filled!

At the Summer Sale you will find Berk - Inner Worlds in four tents behind the seminar house.


15. July 2020: amethyst, amethyst, amethyst

The tents are already well stocked with amethyst in many different shapes and sizes! 



14. July 2020: short lecture by Klaus Hüser

Since the hospitality cannot take place in the seminar house during the Summer Sale, we can offer an exciting lecture by crystal coach Klaus Hüser there.

Under the motto "Salt - God keep's! The wonderful powers of a real healing stone" the lecture will take place at the following times:

Friday 10.30h, 14.00h, 16.30h

Saturday 12.00h, 14:30h, 16:30h

Sunday 11.45h, 14:30h, 16.30h

In addition, in the small seminar room you will find a info booth on crystal coaching and "Getting the stone rolling" as well as a special sale zeolite powder and the audio books "Healing stone worlds".


July 13, 2020: Most important tool: The meter stick!

On the weekend, everything was measured again, so that during the Summer Sale also the minimum distance can be maintained. And promptly resulted in a change of plans:

The Bargain Market moves from the seminar house into the large tent on the front courtyard! And thus the small seminar room and the cafeteria are available for Klaus Hüser to make individual one-on-one consultations and give short lectures on the subject of salt :-)


13. July 2020: Tischlein deck Dich...

The tents are up!

The tents are already on the front courtyard and behind the seminar and guest house, only at the facility is still some work to do until it can start on Thursday with the Summer Sale. How nice it would be if fairy tales would come true now...

Tischlein deck Dich...



July 10, 2020: Uffz - another sea freight!

Due to the Corona pandemic, ports and airports around the world were closed, so that many ordered shipments have not even sailed or flown off. So slowly the situation is getting back to normal and now finally the hotly awaited sea freight arrived. Nothing spectacular, but many standard items will be available again for the Summer Sale. But it's still a good bit of work until the umpteen hundred boxes are sorted, unpacked and the contents sifted!


09. July 2020: Lunch in the Park

The tent builders from the Fischer Company are here!

Everywhere on the site it rattles and hammers, while the tents are built piece by piece. The "food tents" for lunch in the park are already there - there's at the Summer Sale delicious from the grill, salads and of course drinks!

Also at the Summer Sale food' and drink are free - but we are happy about any donation for the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.  Corresponding "donation pots" can be found in the barbecue tent.


July 09, 2020: Coronabänkle?!

Even though of course the Corona ordinance of the state of Baden-Württemberg with mask requirement and distance rule applies during the Summer Sale - this beautiful bench on the front courtyard is not blocked for Corona reasons! Since the Summer Sale already starts one day earlier than normal house fairs, the tent builders are also earlier and have already started setting up the numerous tents. And the Bänkle simply ensures that no guest from the Boardinghouse puts his car where the tents are to be set up.

Don't have a ticket yet for your desired day at the Summer Sale? Then just click here and register for free!


July 08, 2020: Grand Bargain Sale

From a store liquidation we have taken over a colorful mixed lot with raw minerals, crystals and many small and large treasures. You will find this unique special lot at the Summer Sale on the first floor of the seminar and guest house. Since it is a very mixed lot with many, many unique pieces, these items are aexclusively at the Summer Sale and not in the webshop erhätlich!



03 July 2020: Variety!

Finally, the big Tumbled Stone shipment is also unpacked, packed and labeled. The Tumbled Stones, which are already coming to the webshop before the Summer Sale, are as diverse as our customers. It doesn't matter if you are a museum store, a gift store or a mineral store - very many of our customers have Tumbled Stones in their assortment. Which ones they are in each case depends on various factors, for example, the stone healing use and the price.

New or available again after a long break are: Angel Aura (artificially with Gold and Platinum vaporized Rock Crystal), golden-yellow Citrine in Extra-Quality (burnt Amethyst) and the rather inconspicuous, but from the effect interesting Natural Citrine. Which one is your favorite?

P.S. You can still find the Tumbled Stones in the basement after the currently ongoing renovation.


July 01, 2020: the tax cut is here!


From today until the end of the year, the reduced VAT rates apply - of course also to the Summer Sale! 5% tax affects in our wholesale assortment salt (both in the 1kg package and in the 25kg bag) and books, 16% on everything else from Tumbled Stone to minerals, jewelry and accessories. At the moment, accounting and IT are still struggling to convert the data, as we only got the software update last night, but there is still a bit of time until the Summer Sale. And customers from EU countries will of course still receive the goods tax-free if we have a valid VAT ID.Number have available.


June 30, 2020: new bracelets - all so beautiful green!

Slowly more and more novelties for the Summer Sale trickle in and are made ready for sale - quite topically the popular gemstone bracelets in new stone varieties! Included: Blue Quartz (lightness), Prehnite (acceptance), Zoisite with Ruby (dynamism), Basalt Lava (movement) and Prase Quartz (gentleness). And regardless of the stone-healing meaning just great with jeans!



June 29, 2020: everyone is a work of art :-)

When you take a closer look at the newly arrived donuts and drilled stone pieces made from Mexican chrysocoll, you could almost think that an artist has been at work, giving each donut its individual grain and color. Some of the chrysocoll items will certainly find their way into our web store, but various smaller items we will only show at the Summer Sale and then in the sales exhibition in Ludwigsburg.

Register now here for the Summer Sale and book your desired day!


June 26, 2020: It will!

Slowly but surely: It will! The chain strands are all already hanging in their new places and the intermediate parts have also found their way to the first floor. Of course, there is still a lot to do until the Summer Sale, but slowly the mess is clearing up.

But now first off into the weekend! On Monday goes's then further...


June 23, 2020: Almost a bit of Christmas spirit...

...currently comes up in the incoming goods department, because the large shipment from Brazil is currently unpacked. Due to the current situation, our buyers could not of course select the goods on site, but had to decide what to buy based on photos and descriptions. Once again, it paid off that we have maintained good relationships and contacts with suppliers all over the world for many years; Marco Schreier's first visit to Brazil took place back in the late 1980s. Thus, despite the current travel restrictions, we were able to get hold of beautiful items, which can then be seen at the in-house exhibition in the tent in the front courtyard.

19. June 2020: animals looking for a home

These and many other cute critters have been displaced from their home :-O  - in their original place on the second floor is now our new book corner. But surely a new home will be created for the small and large animal engravings on the first floor, shelves just need to be built first. We'll get started with that on Monday!


June 18, 2020: book tickets online :-)

The test run was successful and from now on tickets for the Summer Sale can be ordered online! The tickets are for you as a registered customer of course free!

To ensure security for all, we have to strictly limit access to the first special sale event 2020 in Ludwigsburg. This is done on the basis of the Corona Ordinance issued by the state of Baden-Württemberg with measures against the spread of the virus, for example, mask obligation on the entire site.

Thus, we can only offer limited access to our premises. Please select the day you would like to come. With your access data from the webshop, you can request a one-time access authorization for 2 persons for each of the Summersale days. The access authorization is not associated with costs and ensures you access to the event without waiting!

If you want to come on two days, you can request an access authorization for each day separately for two people. The access authorization is strictly valid only for two people. Unfortunately, we are not able to receive additional guests this time; this also applies to accompanying children! Unfortunately, we cannot offer any exceptions. The limitation to two persons makes it possible for us to accommodate as many visit requests as possible. Thank you for your collegiality!

Take the opportunity now to secure your desired day! There are only a very limited number of tickets per day. If these are allocated, we can unfortunately not guarantee access on that day.

Book your desired date here


June 17, 2020: FINALLY! Incoming goods again!

Finally, the supply of ordered (and paid for!) goods is rolling in again. Due to the lockdown, for example, a shipment with almost 3 tons of Tumbled Stones just stopped in the port of South Africa. Also from Asia, due to the numerous cancelled flights, the shipments have trickled in only very sparsely, although we had eagerly awaited them.

Now, however, the big Brazil shipment has finally arrived. There is still a "bit" to do until this is unpacked, but for the Summer Sale we will show you new amethyst druses and numerous other purchases in the big tent in the front courtyard. We've peeked inside a bit, though:



16. June 2020: (Almost) everything empty

Also on the second floor, the previous jewelry department, the reconstruction takes concrete shape. Everywhere in the house pile trays with rings, pendants, earrings and more, because the tables have already been dismantled. Here we have carefully distinguished between "orderable in the webshop" and "sale in the house" so that the dispatch of orders can go on uncomplicatedly. All not so easy - with about 1800 different pieces of jewelry in the Chili Jewels category in the webshop.

June 15, 2020: Off and on!

Has (almost) nothing happened...

...at least at first glance!

If you compare the pictures from this week and last week, the difference doesn't seem that big at first. But in fact, it took us a lot of time and busy hands to first completely dismantle the old shelf and then build the new one. Stones are heavy, even as chain strands - and there the construction of the shelves must already be exactly fitting and above all stable.


June 08, 2020: here we go's!

Somehow the whole remodeling process is a cycle after all - strands to the place of druses, druses to the place of books, massage items to the place of jewelry components, and so on. But where to start? And where will the goods be temporarily stored, which will get a new place? Are the shelves enough or do we need more material?

Los it went today in the original "crystal room" with the druses and salt lamps. A neat piece of work, until all the goods were cleared away and the cleaning action could begin.... And in parallel, yes, the shipping of orders continues as normal!


May 27, 2020: Does it fit there?!

After everything is counted and scanned in the annex of the mineral shop, it can start here with the concrete planning for the conversion. Most important question: does it fit there!


May 20, 2020: Berk's coming!

Unfortunately, the 2nd Osterholz Festival with Lama Tendar, the musicians Susanne & Georg, Klaus Hüser, Monika Grundmann and many other highlights can not take place and must be postponed to 2021. But the company Berk - Inner Worlds will be present at the Summer Sale and again set up a large bargain tent. The popular bring-your-own service will also be back! Browse the Webshop of Berk's and put together your order.


May 12, 2020: sooooo many stones!

Once again this year, the big annual inventory is on the schedule! Everything must be counted or weighed - whether in the shipping compartments in the warehouse, in the sales display in the house or in the gallery of the earth. The term "inventory" is, after all, derived from the Latin word "invenire" translated this means "to find" or "to come across". Also we will certainly come across items that we will offer at Summer Sale at significantly reduced prices.

But until then, we are first diligently counted - and of course the shipping of orders continues, which reach us daily by phone, email or especially via the extensive webshop. With the withdrawal cards, we record what is taken for shipping - a bit cumbersome, but unfortunately necessary.