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March 21, 2022: Thank you for your donation!


At the Spring Sale, we collected money at the food truck, at the cash registers and at other places in the house for the emergency aid Ukraine - a total of 880.99 € was collected. In addition, we received a donation of 138.31 € from a Ukrainian customer. We have doubled this sum we doubled, so that now a total of 2038,60 € is transferred to the Manara e.V.

You can find the latest news about Emergency Relief Ukraine and the work of the association at Facebook and on the website of the association.


March 18, 2022: Record-breaking launch at Spring Sale!

New impressions from the start of the Spring Sale... many customers took advantage of the first day for a discovery-filled tour through the Osterholz. Especially the big tents with many new offers were a highlight. Only 3 more days - plan your visit now!



March 17, 2022: Monika Grundmann is here!

All Lapis Vitalis articles for gemstone wellness can be found on the second floor - and for the Spring Sale, Monika Grundmann, the developer of Edelstein Balance and numerous proven products will be on site!

Take the opportunity for tips and tricks from practice and ask all your questions about stone healing and application of gemstones!


March 17, 2022: Good luck on St. Patrick's Day!

Not only does the Summer Sale start today, but it's also St. Patrick's Day! Traditionally, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick today, the first Christian missionary to the Emerald Isle. THE symbol for this special day is the four-leaf clover, a symbol of luck already known to the Celtic druids. Only about every 10,000 shamrocks have four leaves - these stand for faith, love, hope and luck. And whoever passes on a shamrock, his luck will double. 

We took this lore as an opportunity to have pendants made with aventurine shamrocks, which arrived just in time for the Spring Sale!



March 17, 2022: Here we go: the Spring Sale is open!

Everything is ready and we look forward to seeing you! 

Up to and including Sunday we will be open from 9.00 to 18.00. The large tents on the front courtyard are filled to the brim with lots of novelties, at the jewelry special sale you will receive 50% discount and on the second floor Monika Grundmann will be at your disposal with tips, tricks and information on stone healing!

Don't forget your Mole Savings Book and bring time to browse and select the most beautiful stones.  


March 16, 2022: Classics!

Three tried-and-true classics that, however, always inspire with their appearance and fascinate with their energy: Petrified Wood, Agate and Lapis Lazuli.






March 16, 2022: Colorful! Sparkling! Early spring!

The final touches are being made in the tent, and preparations are also almost complete on the three floors of the mineral shop. 

Just now another package arrived from our jewelry workshop in Bali - many pendants with faceted stones in spring colors - Peridote, Tourmaline, Prehnite, Amethyst and more!

You can find the new pendants next to the Ammolite jewelry on the first floor.


March 16, 2022: Beautiful Bowls!

The last gaps in the tent are filling up!

One theme at the Spring Sale is gemstone shells - be they as delicate as this gem of fluorite or quite wildly patterned in black and white calcite.


March 15, 2022: ☀️ A Little Sunshine ☀️


Drizzle, overcast skies, 8° - not much sign of spring yet!

Well, it's a good thing that the weather will be much better by the time of the Spring Sale - so we'll be content with the sight of the glowing orange calcite while we're setting up.


March 15, 2022: Donation collection emergency aid Ukraine

As with all sale days, we're happy to invite you to join us for a snack at the Spring Sale - this time we're serving up a spring-fresh veggie stir-fry! Both at the food truck and elsewhere you will find our tried and tested vases, in which we will be making donations to the emergency aid Ukraine of the Manara e.V. collect.
Our business partner Juwelo provides part of its warehouse in Berlin free of charge to collect, sort and pack donations in kind. From Berlin, the association brings the help deliveries directly to the border. Your donations will be used exclusively for procuring medical aid supplies and renting transport vehicles.


For updates on Ukraine aid and the work of Manara e.V., visit the association's website: www.manara-ev.de





March 14, 2022: Splashes of color in pastel shades

The new solitaire pendants are sparkling splashes of color that hint at spring! Very noble to wear as a single piece on the chain or several in combination on the omega hoop.






March 14, 2022: Thank you, Oliver!

You can almost pack your sun hat!

Thanks to high "Oliver" we are looking forward to dry weather with double-digit temperatures for the Spring Sale! On Thursday it is still a bit overcast, but from Friday the sun laughs from the sky!


March 14, 2022: Aquamarine pendant

Freshly arrived and just about to be packed and labeled:

Pendant with dreamlike aquamarine crystals - there is once again clear, where the mineral has its name: "Aqua Marina" - sea water!

Also newly arrived: Moldavite pendant and Larimar in silver platinum plated and silver gold plated.


March 11, 2022: A loyal partner: Zeltbau Fischer

Even in somewhat difficult times a big plus: partners on whom you can rely 100%! So today was again punctually at 8:00 clock the team of Zeltbau Fischer in front of the door. In bright sunshine and a bright blue sky it's time to start setting up. started with the construction - the welcome tent is already standing, at the large tents is still being worked on.


March 11, 2022: 🌴 Madagascar 🌴

Currently still unpacking:

A lot of boxes from Madagascar! We've already done a little scouting and discovered some beautiful Coelestine:



March 10, 2022: Film Off - Labradorite

Labradorescence  - what a boring word for such a great play of colors in labradorite! Just freshly unwrapped from the Madagascar show are these beautiful hand charms. Let yourself be inspired by the colorful iridescent Feldspar!





March 10, 2022: Out! In! Out! In?

First, the beautiful bowls of aragonite and calcite had to come out of the boxes for labeling.

Then it's back into the boxes to safely transport the sometimes wildly patterned pieces from the goods receiving area across the hall through the sales out in front of the mineral shop.

Next week it's back out of the boxes onto the tables in the big tent.

And then maybe back in the box so you can safely take your gemstone bowl home or to the store?

The selection is wide - various colorful calcites and aragonites in different sizes! 


March 09, 2022: Preparations everywhere

While in the goods receiving department, after the lunch break, it continues with the labeling of the fantastic lapis lazuli cuts, in marketing the banner for the jewelry special sale was given in print.

There's a whole slew of rings, pendants, Earstuds and other jewelry at 50% off

during the Spring Sale.



07 March 2022: Roll up your sleeves - spring is coming!


Just in time for the Spring Sale, lots of bracelets have arrived again: Andean Opal, Heliodor, Labradorite, Sunstone, Rock Crystal, Honey Opal, Amazonite and many other popular stone varieties!

Just right, when the gorgeous sunshine tempts you to roll up your sleeves and show a little more skin again.


04 March 2022: From around the world!

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"Minerals from all over the world!" is quickly said or written - but when looking at the merchandise that is currently being prepared for the Spring Sale, the whole spectrum of the many different countries of origin of our goods becomes apparent once again! 

The chrysocoll heart came from Peru, the raw rubble agates were found in Germany (Schlottwitz, Erzgebirge) and the cuddly starfish were cut from petrified coral from Indonesia.


02 March 2022: No more passing in the camp 😵

Everything is full...

Palettes with boxes, crates, bags, barrels...

From South Africa, Mexico, China, Madagascar...

A lot of new merchandise from all over the world has finally arrived - the big tent on the front yard will be well filled!


March 01, 2022: Don't forget your savings book!

Bring all your mole savings books to the Spring Sale! We'll then carry the books together and for each full savings book we'll deduct €50 from the bill right away.

Mole Savings Book Details


28. February 2022: 🦋 Landed in Osterholz 🦋

Actually, these freshly unwrapped amethyst druse pairs are called "Angel Wings", so angel wings.

In view of the wonderful sunshine, which already hints at spring, we have renamed these gems in "Butterflies" without further ado. Quite beautiful hummers - partly more than man-high!


February 24, 2022: Current Corona situation: no longer an alert!

Based on the current figures, alert level I no longer applies in Baden-Württemberg since 23.02.2022, but warning level. 

For visiting Spring Sales, this currently means that there are no restrictions other than the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask in the buildings and tents.

Please check this page for ventual changes before visiting Spring Sales!


February 22, 2022: The palettes are filling up!

Pallet after pallet is filling up with new merchandise for the big tent at the Spring Sale!

Large Rose Quartz pyramids and chrysanthemum stone cuts are just two of the goodies being prepared for you right now.

At the moment the goods are still waiting on pallets - neatly labeled, of course - but in just four weeks it will be Spring Sale and the treasures will see the light of day! 





February 21, 2022: Discounts and percentages 

There are plenty of ways to save again at the Spring Sale 2022:

+ From 500 € net purchase value: 12% spring discount on all discountable items


+ Pay with debit immediately, ec-card or cash: 3% discount


+ Jewelry bargains: up to 50% promotional discount 

+ Mole savings book: 50€ credit for every full savings book


Spring discount, promotion discount and the Mole Savings Book are exclusively valid for purchases in the showroom in Ludwigsburg, not for shipping! The discounts can not be combined with each other.


16. February 2022: Always Beautiful: Amethyst 💜💜💜💜💜


Beautiful, intense purple amethysts - a picture is worth a thousand words!


February 12, 2022: Wild Animals!

The current extremely long freight lead times have one big advantage: we finally had time to unpack a previously stalled shipment of beautiful gemstone animals! So finally numerous engravings of Larimar and other gemstones came to light; Chameleons from Lapis Lazuli and cute kangaroos from Petrified Coral are just two examples. All animals have in common that they are house-trained and undemanding in terms of food ;-)  


31. January 2022: "Like Phoenix from the ashes"

Winter and home office take their toll: Everything is a bit rusty, we had way too little exercise in the last weeks and months! Especially shoulders and neck suffer - whether from working on the PC or from winter lounging on the sofa.


Monika Grundmann shows under the motto "Like Phoenix from the ashes - fascia training for the neck" at the Spring Sale a few simple tricks and handles from the Gemstone Balance®, with which you can bring the fascia at the neck with again in motion.



January 28, 2022: Passionate Larimar!

Our passion is Larimar - the blue gemstone from the Caribbean! But even our eyes glazed over at the new jewelry package that arrived from our workshop in Bali: Larimar pendants in many shapes and sizes, rhodium-plated and gold-plated, classic and playful. Fortunately, it's still a little while until the Spring Sale, because so many different models have come that it will take a while to unpack, check and label them.