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Lectures on stone healing and workshops on jewelry making


Lapis Vitalis Academy: stone healing & gemstone therapy

Chili Creative Academy: chain knotting and jewelry design

General information about our seminar center

We have two training facilities in our seminar house: the Academy Lapis Vitalis® for stone healing and gemstone therapy and the Chili Creative Academy® for creative jewelry design.

Akademie Lapis Vitalis

Together with leading experts and product developers, internationally sought-after lecturers and authors of Steinheilkunde, such as. For example, Monika Grundmann Edelstein Balance ® and HP Ewald Kliegel Reflexology with gemstone handles, we offer you  an extensive lecture program on topics that currently move many people, such as (anti-)stress, unfolding personal potential, focus and prevention and the positive support of stone healing.

An important part of these lectures are small practical exercises with stones, which illustrate and deepen what has been said and which you can "take home" for yourself and your customers.

You can find the current lecture dates here on our homepage.

Chili Creative Academy

Chili Creative Academy® workshops are taught by trained and experienced goldsmiths and jewelry designers from our in-house design workshop. You will learn the most important jewelry making techniques in small groups with intensive personal instruction.

At the end of the day you have some jewelry, for example chains and earrings, made under expert guidance, The material for this and the necessary tools we provide you during the courses free of charge. In a pleasant Athmosphäre with a - included in the price -  vegetarian lunch you can relax and exchange with the other participants of the course. At the end of the day you will receive a participation certificate.

You can find the next dates for the seminars on jewelry making here.

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