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21 - 23 September 2018: Autumn in-house exhibition in Ludwigsburg

During the autumn in-house exhibition, our sales exhibition in Ludwigsburg is also open for you on Saturday and Sunday: From 9.00 to 18.00 you can browse to your heart's content in newly arrived goods, make bargains and shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

The in-house exhibition is open only to invited trade visitors; please bring your personal invitation card, which we will send you in early September.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale business for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, please register here as a new customer!

The opening hours for the Autumn Open House 2018: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We look forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant journey! You can find directions here!

Marco Schreier & Team


21.09.2018: The in-house exhibition is open!

A few minutes before 9.00 am the first customers were already there and rummaged in the big tent on the front yard. In bright autumn weather, the selection and shopping is really fun! And for refreshment entice from noon the Swabian specialties: Lenses and spaetzle, Saitenwürstle, onion tart and more!


20.09.2018: Yummy!


Just arrived in time for the in-house exhibition: The new VitaJuwel Crown - so that dogs and cats can also enjoy gemstone water!

Available in three different colors; the module is filled with a special gemstone blend tailored to the needs of animals: Nephrite Jade (vitality), Brown Agate (strength), Rock Crystal (attention), Peridote (balance) and Mangano Calcite (social behavior).


September 19, 2018: final push!

There's still a little bit to do before things really get going on Friday! The chain wall is already fixed and ready, only the huge selection of drilled Tumbled Stones and crystals must still be placed on the tables.

The bowl table is already set!



September 18, 2018: Lunch break has to be sometimes...

... even if there is still some work to be done before the Autumn Open House opens its doors on Friday at 9:00! So slowly fills the tent, in the kitchen of the Boardinghouse it smells already delicious and in the house the shelves are still filled. But everything will be ready by Friday!


17.09.2018: The tents are coming!

Reliably as before every in-house exhibition, the hard-working helpers from Fischer tent rental set up the tents in the front courtyard in bright autumn weather. The long tent is already up, soon it will be the turn of the big tent.



September 14, 2018: 555 healing stones available again!

Today a long-awaited pallet with many boxes finally arrived:

The popular paperback "Healing Stones - 555 Stones from A-Z" is available again! After 750,000 copies sold, a "facelift" was due in summer 2018 and the healing stones book has received a new cover.

Also for the autumn in-house exhibition applies: 10 + 1, i.e. You pay for 10 healing stones books and receive the 11th book free!

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


13.09.2018: "All you have to do is pull the nipple through the tab'n.."

Do you remember the hit song by Mike Krüger? If not - YouTube helps.
Yesterday, another package arrived from Bali with new "nipples", pendants and silver parts - our creative customers will surely make a lot more out of the Findings again than just pulling the nipple through the tab'n. We are always thrilled when we see what has become of our strands and the contents of the small Chili Creative bags! 

Available at the in-house exhibition, among other things: small pendants with the Om sign in silver 925 for your self-threaded gemstone mala and other spiritual jewelry.


September 12, 2018: the "Gallery of the Earth" becomes extraterrestrial

In the "Gallery of Earth" we show you unusual and hand-picked treasures: Gigantic amethyst wings, bizarre wooden furniture, extraordinary gemstone bowls and other works created from the combination of natural materials such as gemstone and wood and expert hands of cutters, carvers and artists.

For the Fall House Fair, gemstoneART presents artworks from the new image series "Distant Galaxies" and "Unknown Planets". The images are designed entirely - down to the smallest grains - of precious stones and minerals. Look forward to a art enjoyment of the extraterrestrial kind!

More information about the artists Rita Koch and Rolf Hunkeler can be found on the artists' website.



11.09.2018: "Even from stones placed in your path, you can build beautiful things,"

Do you know who this quote is from? It's the same well-known man in whose honor the mineral pictured is named, which is currently being unpacked in our incoming goods department.

A few keywords about the gentleman we are looking for:

Born August 28, 1749 in Frankfurt am Main - 25 years director of the court theater in Weimar - 18 years of wild marriage with Christiane - Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh

The mineral Goethite is named after the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was also a naturalist, mining official and mineral collector. Part of his collection is still in seinem ehemaligen Wohnhaus in Weimar zu besichtigen.


10.09.2018: Schungite speaks Spanish!

Our new schungite delivery speaks Spanish - which is also no wonder, because recently in Spain a finding place with precious schungite was discovered. The stones were tested at Bernhard Bruder's EPI laboratory. Mineralogically, the Spanish schungite is identical to the precious schungite from Karelia; nothing is known yet about the energetic effect in various applications. We are curious how you will like the new schungite!

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!



07.09.2018: morning: stones - noon: stones - evening: music

Take advantage of your visit to the in-house exhibition for a small vacation in the beautiful baroque city of Ludwigsburg! After a successful day of shopping with us at wholesale, enjoy a little music in the evening. We have looked for you - there is something for every taste on the in-house exhibition weekend:

Blues punk from Lower Franconia offers DIE LUKE with the band "the ron lemons" - more information here

Jazz à la flute present "Mrs Bo's Cookbook in the music hall Ludwigsburg - more information here

The 60s experience a revival with the "Beat Revue" in the Scala - more information here

Friends of choral music are right in the Redeemer Church at the "Concert a Cappella" - more information here


06.09.2018: Green gemstone hearts



In the last few days, we have received two unusual items with green gemstone hearts for the Haumesse: Drilled flat hearts of Fuchsite with Ruby and in silver 925 set hearts of Uvarovite. Beautiful they are in any case all together - a look at the "Steinheilkunde" by Michael Gienger enlightens about the color green: "Green minerals increase the speed and responsiveness and arouse interest and enthusiasm." That fits well with the final spurt for the in-house preparations, when next week the last collagues are back from summer vacation!


05.09.2018: Fantastic patterns in black and white!


Look at what Wikipedia has to say on the subject of septarians, one is initially a bit disillusioned, as the mineralogical facts on the formation and composition of septarians are a bit dry. But then a look at our incoming goods today shows how diverse this mineral from Morocco is in the colors black and white.

Each piece is unique, drawn by nature! Discover the cat in the picture?


03.09.2018: invitations are on the way


The personal trade visitor invitations have been sent out and should have landed in your mailbox by the weekend at the latest. If you haven't received your invitation to the Fall In-House Show yet, please contact us by email and we'll send you an invitation!




31.08.2018: black & strong: Obsidian!

Very much sought after, but unfortunately not always available: Raw stones of black obsidian to put down!

Three pallets of obsidian pieces, mostly smaller pieces up to about 5kg, have arrived, unpacked and prepared for the in-house exhibition.

If you want to take advantage of the rainy Friday to get to know Obsidian a little better, check out the meaning and effect of the mineral here!


August 29, 2018: everything so beautiful blue here!

Over the years, thanks to very good contacts in the Dominican Republic and frequent visits to and at the mine, we have developed intoone of the largest suppliers of Larimar in Europe. At the in-house exhibition you can expect numerous hand-picked cabochons (drilled and undrilled) from the beautiful blue mineral - and of course numerous other items such as tumbled stones, pendants, donuts and bracelets.


28.08.2018: taken out of the fire!


By popular customer request now new in the program:

Silver jewelry with cabochons of black lava! The smooth, classic setting of silver 925 forms a charming contrast to the rough surface of the lava. Rings and Earstuds are also a great addition to your homemade necklaces and bracelets with lava!

You can find jewelry with lava at the Fall Open House on the second floor.


August 27, 2018: Only three months to go!


Only three months to go - then it's time for Advent!

Today the first customer contacted us and passed through their need for our beautiful Tumbled Stone Advent Calendars, which will be picked up for the open house. Almost a bit early, but since supplies are limited, certainly useful!


August 24, 2018: expert hands...

... and experienced eyes make fantastic pieces of jewelry out of these Rock Crystal raw chunks!

Come to the in-house exhibition and be inspired by what will be created from these pieces -  grinding art made in Germany!

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


22.08.2018: Every day is exciting!

In the weeks leading up to the in-house trade fair, every day is exciting, as small and large shipments of goods trickle in from all over the world. Again and again, curious employees drop by the incoming goods department and are amazed at what treasures the purchasing department has come up with.

Optically "something" unspectacular are the middle raw stones from Schungit, which are finally available again - but with this stone counts yes also the effect and the internal values, not the exterior.

With the drilled Labradoritherzen one does not have to look a second time: The blue color reflections literally jump into your eye!



21.08.2018: trailer rarities


Just freshly arrived in the incoming goods: New pendants with the popular stone varieties Azurite Malachite and Larimar.

At the moment the jewelry is still unpacked, sorted and labeled, for the in-house exhibition you will then find the pendants in the large tent on the front courtyard!

And if you want to know what role Azurite Malachite plays in art, then look here on our website!



16.08.2018: glitter glitter!

New to the Open House for your sparkling and glittering designs.

Handmade silver beads with intricate ornaments and vaporized faceted labradorite strands!

Let it shine!

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


10.08.2018: Buy Rhodochrosite at the in-house exhibition!


With the hot temperatures right now, you almost can't imagine it yet, but sooner than you think autumnal October is here!

So pick your favorite Rhodochrosite pieces for the in-house exhibition, because the pink-colored mineral is the Stone of the Month October 2018! Of course, we will fill the corresponding category in the webshop with items in time, but in the sales exhibition in Ludwigsburg you will find spheres, gemstone hearts, One side polished pieces and hand-held flatterers made of Rhodochrosite - each piece is unique and therefore not available via the webshop, but exclusively in the exhibition in Ludwigsburg!


08.08.2018: Four hundred and fifty thousand pumpkins :-O

What is still lying here so disorderly in many large piles are the approximately 450,000 pumpkins, from which numerous animal sculptures and picturesque forest scenes will be created in the coming weeks. These can be seen from 31 August 2018 in the Blühenden Barock in Ludwigsburg. 

On the open house weekend, there will again be the tradionelle Wett-Paddeln on the lake in the Blühenden Barock - but not in a kayak or inflatable boat, but in hollowed out giant pumpkins! End the day with a Glass of Pumpkin-Secco and a Krübis-Flammkuchen in the Blühenden Barock! The official pumpkin exhibition program can be found here on the City of Ludwigsburg website.

Also on Facebook you can find many impressions and pictures of the spectacular pumpkin exhibitions of the last years.



04.08.2018: Make the hat full!

"I would like to donate already at the customer registration for the association!" said a customer at the last in-house exhibition.

We gladly take up this suggestion - from the autumn in-house exhibition you can donate right at the entrance for the Fair Trade Minerals & Gem e.V. donate and make the hat neatly full with coins and bills.

Also at the barbecue and on the buffet, to which we like to invite you as at every in-house exhibition, you will of course again find our donation vases.


05.07.2018: The first pledge stands!


The well-known stone healing and wellness expert Monika Grundmann is available at the autumn in-house exhibition again for all questions around the effect of the stones and their application to the disposal!

Use the opportunity for tips from practice!

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!


04.07.2018: Swabian specialties in the Osterholz!


The mineral shop Schreier is easily accessible directly on the highway between Stuttgart and Heilbronn, but just a few kilometers further idyllic vineyards and villages characterize the landscape.

For the in-house exhibition, we bring Swabian specialties to Osterholz for you - enjoy typical vintner dishes and matching drinks! "An Guade!"