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November 9 - 11, 2018: Christmas Open House


The last opportunity this year to shop on the weekend and at special conditions!

We will be open for you at the Christmas Open House:

Friday, November 9, 2018: 9.00 to 18.00

Saturday, November 10, 2018: 9.00 to 18.00

Sunday, November 11, 2018: 9.00 to 18.00


November 9, 2018, 9.00 a.m.: Here we're going!

The first customers are already there and are amazed at the great offer! The tent and the exhibition are well filled and in the seminar and guest house the soup kettles are heated.

Open from today, Friday 09.11., to Sunday, 11.11.2018 from 9.00 to 18.00 clock - we look forward to your visit!


8. November 2018, 12:26: The last things are being fixed

The preparations for the house fair are in the final stages. Everywhere in the house and especially in the big tent on the front yard you can find great new products and freshly arrived goods - for example in intense blue tones. drilled Larimar, a fantastic heart of Andean Opal, bright blue bracelets of Aquamarine and dark blue lapis lazuli donuts.


November 7, 2018, 5:11 pm: Almost done!

One or two tables are still empty, but the tent setup is almost done - whew! Minerals from all over the world, tea lights from 2.90 €, a gigantic selection of drilled stone pieces and lots of strands for your creations await you in the big tent on the front courtyard.

So many beautiful new strands: Amazonite, Apatite, Chalcedony (green), green garnet and much more - get inspired!

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November 7, 2018, 2:26 pm: Off to new shores? - What comes in 2019?


What does 2019 bring?

Is it off to new shores for you? Or is rather regeneration announced?

Let your intuition speak and pull with Monika Grundmann a Tumbled Stone. The well-known stone healer then explains the meaning and effect of the pulled stone and looks together with you a bit on the year 2019.


November 7, 2018, 12:00: First lunch break!

The filling of the tents is progressing; pallet after pallet of goods is brought in and distributed on the tables. Until Friday morning is still a bit to do, but now is first lunch break announced. Unfortunately, there is today still no hot soup from the soup Kasper buffet, even if it already smells tempting in the seminar and guest house.


6. November 2018: free meditation CD to the house fair

The popular meditation set "Der magische Spiegel" by Klaus Hüser is now also available in the cheaper smaller version! And as a special treat, when you buy a large set or two small sets you get the matching CD "The Magic Mirrorl" for free as a gift to it! Exclusively for Christmas in-house visitors only - not valid for mail order! Pick up your voucher at the customer registration at the in-house exhibition entrance!


November 5, 2018: delayed kickoff :-O

After the autumn vacations in Baden-Württemberg, there was once again chaos and traffic jams on the roads - so the tent builders arrived an hour later than usual. But the quick guys from Tent Rental Fischer will certainly make up for the delay, so that by noon today all tents are in place!


2. Novermber 2018: The lizards are loose - or?


New arrivals for the Christmas house fair are beautiful drilled cabochons of Lizardite, a hard-to-get Serpentine. A wonderful stone - supports the Lizardit nevertheless to feel carried by the life, to solve conflicts peacefully and to attain a happy basic mood. Thus, new tasks can be approached calmly and with fresh energy.

With this description and the color of the mineral, one sees almost a lively light green lizard (English: Lizard) flitting over a sunny stone, right? In fact, Serpentine takes its name from the Lizard peninsula in the English county of Cornwall, where the mineral was first found. His effect does the name origin of the Lizardite but certainly no harm!

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October 31, 2018: everywhere on the fir tops I saw golden little lights sitting...


There's Christmas spirit with this new jewelry series, isn't there? Shimmering beads, sparkling Gold - very festive, but not overloaded! The series consists of a chain, a bracelet and matching earrings with beads and elements of gold-plated silver 925.

And for even more Christmas spirit here are the first two stanzas of the servant Ruprecht poem by Theodor Storm:

From out of the woods I come here;
I must tell you, it weihnachtet very much!
Everywhere on the tops of the fir
I saw golden lights sitting;
And above from the gate of heaven
Saw with big eyes the Christ Child out,
And as I so strolcht' through the dark fir,
Then it called me with a bright voice:

"Knecht Ruprecht", it called, "old fellow,
Hebe the legs and spute you quickly!
The candles begin to burn,
The gate of heaven is opened,
Old' and young shall now
Rest once from the hunt of life;
And tomorrow I fly down to earth,
For it shall be Christmas again!

October 30, 2018: Hui.... Blue!


Aqua Aura and Angel Aura are really a matter of taste - while some swear by the effect of the stones, others reject the with gold vaporized Rock Crystal. And of course there are customers who like the sparkling blue-green surface for jewelry designs. Form your own opinion at the in-house exhibition - newly arrived are now also small Aqua Aura tips to put


29. October 2018: the "Crystal Hall" is remodeled!

Very appreciated by customers of the in-house exhibition of the "Crystal Room" with the large selection of amethyst druses in various sizes and qualities, as well as other popular stone varieties, such as Agate and Rock Crystal. In keeping with the dark season, we have also set up lamps with inspiring motifs for the in-house exhibition there. How about, for example, a Yinyang character or a radiant sun?


October 26, 2018: brown = boring?!?


But certainly not!

In the air freight, plenty of new strands have come along - all selected on site in the grinding shops. Along with bright lapis lazuli, intense pink Rose Quartz and other intensely colored stone varieties, these strands stand out in shades of brown: Yellow Tiger's Eye as a facset button and Bronzite in cube form. Get inspired for designs with brown at the in-house show!

A small part of the newly arrived strands can already be seen in our webshop at the Strands News. However, there are so many new, never-before-seen strands that all need a photo and description text - there is not enough time to put them all online in the webshop before the Open House. In the course of November then the strands go into the store, of which after the in-house exhibition still sufficient stocks are available.

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October 25, 2018: Soooooo schöööön, der Sooooodalith!

While colleagues in Munich are putting the finishing touches on the trade fair booths, people in Osterholz continue to diligently unpack, sort and label. Just drilled Sodalites are on it - this fantastic, intense blue is rarely found today!

Impressions from the Munich Show there's here on Facebook, more discoveries from the incoming freights soon here in the in-house exhibition blog!



23. October 2018: the sun is shining!

The sky may be gray and hazy, but with the newly arrived items for the in-house show, it's just glowing in all shades of yellow:

Bored Tumbled Stones made from Baltic natural amber and from copal have just arrived in many sizes and shapes! Also the popular perforated stones with "natural crust" are available for the in-house exhibition!


October 22, 2018: green candy?!?




Like green candy in a lacy sugar cone, the Tumbled Stones of Malachite arrived at our door this time. Unfortunately, the weight and sizing does not match our packaging units of 0.5kg - so the Tumbled Stones of Malachite

still have to be repacked until the in-house exhibition.

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October 19, 2018: Finally! The air freight has arrived!


After the usual trials and tribulations in China and at customs, the much-awaited air freight finally arrived today. "Only" two pallets, but they have it in them: Numerous small items and hand-picked items from the last trip through the grinding. We can't wait to see what all gets unpacked! When on Tuesday morning one half of the colleagues leaves for Munich to the Mineral Days, the ones left at home will devote themselves to unpacking, sorting and labeling, so that everything is ready for the in-house exhibition!


October 18, 2018: "Is everything in your webshop!"

"Since I can order comfortably at home and do not have to come to the in-house exhibition!" said recently a customer. True - we currently have about 14,000 different items in our webshop! But in addition to that, we always have many new items, especially at the in-house shows, where the individual pieces are so different that we can't even offer them online; for example, the great new bracelets made of Rutilated Quartz. Or we could only get a small quantity of an article, so that it is sold out after the in-house exhibition and does not even come into the webshop. So a visit to the in-house exhibition is always worthwhile - even waffles and mulled wine we can not offer online ;-)


October 15, 2018: tickets are on the way!


Have you looked in your mailbox yet? Today the invitation cards for the Christmas in-house exhibition and the Christmas News went in the mail. By the weekend at the latest, the thick envelope with the Christmas mole should have landed in your mailbox! If you have recently moved or for other reasons in the course of the next week no invitation arrives with you, tell us please briefly by email notice; we will be happy to send you your personal invitation!

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October 10, 2018: autumn and winter - time for beautiful donuts!

When the days get cooler again and the sweaters get thicker again, the time for gemstone donuts comes again, especially in larger sizes! Therefore, we have specifically looked at the last tour of the Schleiferein for beautiful donuts in unusual stone varieties and have also found: Look forward, for example, to Lace agate, labradorite, rhodonite extra and chalcopyrite.


October 5, 2018: Delicious soups

Would the soup clown come to the Christmas open house - with the delicious offer would certainly be his sentence "I do not eat my soup!" abruptly forgotten. Pumpkin soup, goulash soup, mushroom soup and tomato soup are on the menu - and with "Gaisburger Marsch" a local specialty with an interesting history - more here at Wikipedia.


September 2018: What you always wanted to know about stones and their effects...

At the Christmas House Fair you will have the opportunity to ask three absolute professionals and connoisseurs of gemstones and their effects!

As co-exhibitors have agreed: Gabriela Hilf, Klaus Hüser and Monika Grundmann.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!