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March 16 - 18, 2018: Great Spring Open House at Easterwood

A long stone weekend in the mineral wholesale!

During the spring in-house exhibition, our sales exhibition in Ludwigsburg is also open for you on Saturday and Sunday: From 9:00 to 18:00 you can browse to your heart's content in newly arrived goods, make bargains, enjoy delicious vegetable specialties from the "Fit-in-the-Spring-Buffet" and thus shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

The in-house exhibition is open only for invited trade visitors; please bring your personal invitation card, which we sent you at the end of February.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, then please register here as a new customer!

The opening hours for the Spring Open House 2018: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

We look forward to your visit and wish you a good journey! You can find directions here!

Marco Schreier & Team

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but would like to come to the in-house exhibition? Then please register here as a new customer to be able to attend the in-house exhibition!


March 16, 2018, 9:00 a.m.: Here we go!

The first visitors are here!

The most popular items in the tent this morning are the great new pieces from Madagascar as well as the many new drilled rarities.

And from the seminar and guest house it smells also already quite tempting of delicious vegetables and chicken stew!


March 16, 2018, 8:30 am: Everything is ready!

Spring house fair is about to start!

The welcome tent is already open - we are looking forward to the first visitors!


March 15, 2018: the final preparations are underway!

The last signs are put up, in the kitchen they are busy chopping and frying and in the workshop the drill is already warming up.

Even in the incoming goods department, the last items are still being unpacked and labeled, such as giant Rock Crystal balls and meter-high polished tips made of Rock Crystal.

P.S. Windows will not be cleaned again until after the in-house exhibition ;-)


March 14, 2018: Waiting for the yellow car...

We are waiting...

.... for the yellow car from DHL, which finally brings a huge package with the many new gemstone malas.

According to the website, the shipment is in delivery today - we are excited!


The malas are here - just in time for the open house!Beautiful gemstone combinations in delicate spring colors - matching various themes such as truthfulness, self-determination and grounding. A small foretaste is available here in our webshop.


You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but want to come to the house fair? Then please register here as a new customer to be able to join us at the in-house exhibition!


March 13, 2018: Soooo many strands....

From a company liquidation of a dealer friend who is going into well-deserved retirement, we have bought up numerous small lots of gemstone strands at top prices. These will go on sale for the first time at the open house - browse popular stone varieties, such as emerald, black spinel, lime quartz, multi-colored Smoky Quartz, Aquamarine and labradorite.


March 12, 2018: Stones, stones and more stones....

Box by box, pallet by pallet, the large tent in the front courtyard fills with treasures from around the world. In addition to many classics, there are also always small lots and rare individual pieces that are only available on site and not available through our web store, for example spheres of apatite, cuts of labradorite, rough stones Amazonite and numerous other delicacies.

Also in the mineral shop numerous busy hands are preparing everything for the in-house exhibition weekend: On Friday, still a small container from Hong Kong arrived, a shipment with drilled gemstone rarities is just labeled and on a jewelry package from Bali we are also still waiting - that is currently hanging in Leipzig in customs clearance.


March 10, 2018: the tents are coming!

Luckily, it only drizzled a bit on Saturday, so that the Fischer company was able to erect the tents for the in-house exhibition. So it can then start on Monday morning with putting away the tables and chain walls!

The weather prospects for the coming in-house exhibition weekend are good by the way: No rain, around ten degrees! Perfect to browse the many newly arrived treasures in the tents!


09. March 2018: holes at a special price!


During the in-house exhibition there is again the possibility,to have stones drilled at the in-house exhibition special price! Behind the seminar and guest house - right next to the bargain tent and the "Gallery of the Earth" you can bring to the open house and newly purchased stones by expert hands drill. There are various sizes of drilling possible, for example, larger for leather bands and necklaces, but also small diameters from about 1mm!



08. March 2018: The pigs are here!

Finally, the two containers with the sculptures and figures from Indonesia are unpacked. In addition to numerous Buddha figures in various sizes and postures, yoga figures, gargoyles and monks now populate the Osterholz: Dolphins, birds, dogs, turtles, elephants and a wonderful quartet of pigs.

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale of minerals, gems and jewelry, but would like to come to the in-house exhibition? Then please register here as a new customer to be able to attend the in-house exhibition!


07 March 2018: Concentrated stone healing expertise to the in-house exhibition!

For the spring in-house exhibition, we have invited three competent co-exhibitors, who are available for consultations around the effects and applications of gemstones:

+ Klaus Hüser offers under the motto "2018 - what goes well, what still bumps?" individual one-on-one consultations at the in-house exhibition special price. Find out now about the work of Klaus Hüser and book your appointment!

+ The well-known wellness and stone healing expert Monika Grundmann will give valuable, tried-and-tested tips and find your personal 2018 strengthening stone together with you.

+ At Michael Vogt you can test the effect of the gemstones directly and immediately through the Auramed biofeedback - let yourself be surprised!



March 06, 2018: Still behind bars...

Two containers of fantastic sculptures arrived from Indonesia last Friday. Still the contents are "behind bars":

Buddhas in various designs, numerous animals in different sizes - perfect for the soon to begin outdoor season, when terraces and gardens are decorated again!

More pictures of the contents of the two containers can be found here when they are finished unpacking.


March 05, 2018: the sun rises!

New for the open house are these beautiful strands in the colors of the sunrise:

Yellow Heliodor, yellow sapphire, orange sunstone, orange sapphire, bright pink Tourmaline and pale pink sapphire.

A ray of sunshine is enough to illuminate much darkness.
Franc of Assisi (1182 - 1226)

March 01, 2018: Hmmmmm...... What is that ?!!?

The pallet from Peru, which arrived yesterday, was unpacked today and came to light, among other things, initially quite strange-looking objects....

But then a second look reveals the beauty of the object: Sparkling tea lights made of Pyrite! It does not always have to be Rose Quartz or Rock Crystal...

Also on the pallet were dreamy beautiful Tumbled Stones made of Chrysocoll and Flats with pieces of Pyrite in different sizes.


February 28, 2018: Colorful opals from Honduras

At the moment the fantastic, colorful stones are still being cut, at the in-house exhibition they will be available: Iridescent opals from Honduras!

The so-called "Veta opals", ie opals with snow-white and colorful iridescent veins are an absolute rarity and require special skills when cutting.

The opals come from the Honduras project of the association Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V., which visitors to our in-house exhibitions have been supporting with their donations for many years.

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale business for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but would like to come to the in-house exhibition? Then please register here as a new customer to be able to join us at the in-house exhibition!


27. February 2018: Again a pallet!

Once again a pallet of new goods has arrived - this time from Peru. Contents: Pyrite in various forms and Tumbled Stones from the Andean country. What exactly will be revealed in the next few days, when box after box is unpacked and sorted. The delivery bill is a bit unclear - we are all curious to see if the items ordered actually came as ordered by Purchasing....

February 26, 2018: bright blue sky - bright blue labradorite

Matching the bright blue sky, intensely blue Large Palmstones, Freeform hand charms and hearts have been unpacked from the Madagascar container today. A dream in blue - there is well understandable that the stone medicine uses the mineral to see through their own imagination and illusions, by using the labradorite being and appearance become clear.

And what is standing there so very inconspicuous on the windowsill in the entrance warehouse, is also a small sensation: bowls of blue calcite!
While the "normal" orange calcite is to be had in many forms - quite topically here as stone of the month März - articles from blue calcite are to be found almost hardly; most rough stones are bluish-greyish. So the tour by our buyer Bernd Stark to the gemstone island was worth it just for the great bowls. A few impressions from the tour can be seen here on Facebook.



23. February 2018: the house fair invitations are on the way!

The invitation cards for the house fair are on the way to our retailers together with the current Chili Jewels jewelry catalog. The Jewelry catalog is kept completely without prices, so that this can also be shown to customers in the store. The prices for the jewelry can be found in the enclosed price list as well as here on our website.

Shouldyour personal invitation card not have reached you by the beginning of March, please send us a short email!

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but would like to come to the in-house exhibition? Then please register here as a new customer to be able to join us at the in-house exhibition!


February 22, 2018: we revel in turkiiiiiiis!


In addition to numerous containers with large minerals and many hundreds of boxes, small shipments also arrive every day, which must be sorted and labeled until the in-house exhibition. Today it's the turn of the drilled Turquoises - different sizes and shapes in bright colors! And even the pen matches in color :-0



February 21, 2018: Ocean Jasper, ammonites and more...

The first boxes are unpacked: finally there are again large jumbo drum stones made of ocean jasper, hand-picked ammonites in various sizes and numerous gemstone shells, e.g. wildly patterned Septariums. Wonderful gift ideas for the upcoming festive and holiday seasons such as Easter, confirmation and communion!

February 20, 2018: The container from Madagascar is here!

The container from Madagascar is here! In addition to popular standard items such as Coelestindrusen, jumbos of carnelian and Tourmaline (black) steps, this container also contains numerous boxes and boxes full of gemstone treasures that our buyer Bernd Stark personally selected a few months ago in the local cutting shops on the island. We are all very excited about what awaits us!

At the moment, the numerous boxes and wooden crates must first be unloaded - the unpacking will then start on Wednesday.


20. February 2018: boxed strands, strands, strands

An El Dorado for all jewelry designers: from the inventory of a dealer friend, who has gone into well-deserved retirement, we have bought up numerous cheap gemstone strands, which you can buy at the in-house exhibition at absolute bargain prices. Since these are numerous small lots, they are exclusively available only at the in-house exhibition and then in the showroom in Ludwigsburg - not in the webshop.


February 16, 2018: Who is breeding in the Easterwood?

What at first looks like a giant bird has taken up quarters in our warehouse and built a cozy nest, is actually a small glimpse of the shipment from India. In addition to numerous Tumbled Stones, Cobra stands and other standard items, extra-large Lingams up to 25cm long have also arrived. These can be found at the open house in the tent in the front courtyard.

The Shiva Lingams originate from central India and were originally recovered as naturally formed river pebbles from the Narmada River. Meanwhile, due to high demand, it is carefully carved out by hand from the original rock. The Shiva Lingam is a traditional phallic symbol, symbolizing male energy and is therefore, as the name suggests, often found in temples of the god Shiva. Further, the Shiva Lingam, like all other ovaries, represents the infinite and the totality of creation. It is said to provide balance and harmony in the wearer and in the house through its gentle vibrations.

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but would like to come to the in-house exhibition? Then please register here as a new customer to be able to attend the in-house exhibition!


08. February 2018: Pay less - count less!

From May 10 - 13, 2018, our annual inventory is coming up again. Since we want to count as few items as possible, you will again find our big bargain tent with numerous items from all assortments with 50% discount!
Exclusively available during the in-house exhibition when visiting the exhibition - not in shipping! You pay less - we count less!

February 06, 2018: Uffz! Lots of new strands!

Little by little, shipments of new merchandise are trickling in, which we will showcase at the Spring House Show. At the moment, just numerous boxes with chain strands unpacked, controlled and labeled, for example, squeaky green Amazonite from Peru, sunstone A, white Labrodorite , Turquoise and Sugilite. And a treat for those interested in stone healing: Yellow Heilodor in various sizes!


February 05, 2018: test cooking for the "Fit into Spring"-Buffet

The mole and the team around our kitchen fairy Melissa will swing the wooden spoon for you at the open house: Delicious salads, fresh homemade skillet dishes and casseroles with vegetables also set the culinary mood for spring at the open house!

We invite you to eat at the open house - and are happy about numerous donations for the association Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.

You can find directions here!

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but would like to come to the in-house exhibition? Then please register here as a new customer to be able to join us at the in-house exhibition!