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June 29 to July 1, 2018: summer in-house exhibition

Three great days around the world of gemstones and minerals!

During the summer in-house exhibition, our sales exhibition in Ludwigsburg is also open for you on Saturday and Sunday: From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., you can browse newly arrived merchandise to your heart's content, make bargains, enjoy delicious specialties from the grill, and thus shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

The in-house exhibition is only open to invited trade visitors; please bring your personal invitation card, which we will send to you at the beginning of June.

If you are not yet a customer in our wholesale business for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, please register here as a new customer!

The opening hours for the Summer Open House 2018: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

We are looking forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant journey! You can find directions here.

Marco Schreier & Team


June 29, 2018, 9.00 clock



27. June 2018: final spurt in preparations!

Opal-Charlie is setting up his booth in the big tent right next to the mineral shop!

Dreamlike Boulder Opals, e.g..E.g. as drilled Tumbled Stone, are waiting for you!

And at the other end of the tent the tables are filled with the bargains - e.g. Earstuds with pearl from 1,00 €/pair!



June 27, 2018: the sun is smiling :-)

For the weekend is perfect house fair weather angesagt:

Up to 28 °, sun, blue sky and now and then a few clouds! Since the rummage, selection and shopping fun - and the grilled sausage tastes!


26 June 2018: Without words - just schööööön!


26. June 2018: the tents are up!


The tents in the front courtyard are up and being stocked with loud new merchandise.

A big focus of the summer open house are the great new wood objects from Indonesia: tables, chairs, stools,  bottle stands, root Glass objects and much more - be surprised what nature and knowledgeable hands have designed together!

But also numerous other delicacies from all over the world have arrived - such as bowls made of orange calcite in round and heart shape; perfect for putting down jewelry.


June 25, 2018: the new Water Stones are here!

Just in time for the in-house exhibition they arrived - the new Water Stones from Lapis Vitails!

The proven mixtures, e.g. Vitality Mixture, Basic Mixture and Five Elements Mixture as well as numerous popular single varieties such as Rock Crystal and Amethyst are now available in a beautiful metal box.

In each tin is also a information on the preparation and use of gemstone water - and the same in four languages (German, English, French, Spanish)!


June 24, 2018:  Jewelry bargain!

For the in-house exhibition, there are again numerous bargains with up to 50% discount on the second floor in the jewelry department.

Some items are also available here in our webshop, a large selection of rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings can be found at the in-house exhibition!


June 23, 2018: so beautiful blue: Larimar in all variations

All-new arrivals:

Larimar bracelets with macramé, as nugget bracelets or classic ball bracelets, drilled hearts, cabochons and tumbled stones in various sizes and qualities, balls and eggs, and pendants with engraved wings!

The hit at the trade show in St. Marie: Larimar gives wings!


June 21, 2018: very much in demand: Variscite!

Just arrived in time for the fair in St. Marie - and certainly also at the in-house exhibition the hit:

Chain strands and donuts of bright green Variscite in various sizes!


20. June 2018: delicious, delicious - the Easterwood barbecue sauce

The team around the "kitchen fairy" Melissa is already busy preparing the culinary delights for the summer in-house exhibition.

Of course there's also again the super-tasty Osterholz sauce to the curry sausage - and vegetarian specialties, delicious salate and much more!

We would like to invite you to the barbecue buffet at the in-house exhibition; this can be found between the "Gallery of Earth" and the "Tent of Scents" of the Berk company.

The Association Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. is pleased about your donation - the donation vases can be found at the barbecue buffet and in the seminar house.


19. June 2018: Save right at the open house!


You can save right at the summer open house!

In addition to the House Fair discount of 12% from 500 € net value of goods on all discountable goods, you will also receive 3% discount for the payment methods cash, direct debit immediately and ec card from 100 € net value of goods.

In addition, you will also find again numerous bargains from all assortment areas, for example, silver jewelry and polished articles, at SuperSummerSpecial prices!

Also the company Berk - Inner Worlds has again packed numerous remaining stock and bargains!


You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but want to come to the in-house exhibition?

Then register here as a new customer to be able to be at the in-house exhibition!


June 14, 2018: Fantastic Boulder Opals

From faraway Australia, Opal-Charlie brings to the Open House:

Raw stones, source stones, collectibles, opalized wood, drilled stones, cabochons of all kinds, and an assortment of jewelry with opals set in Gold!

Look forward to sparkling Boulder Opals!


June 13, 2018: gemstone elixirs available during open house!


Experience, feel and feel the highly energetic and precious elixirs of Editha Wüst, in which the power of gemstones combines with tested out number codes and selected essential oils.

Discover your personal essence and be surprised by its effect during the in-house exhibition in a personal conversation with Ms. Wüst!

If you would like to learn more about the gemstone number essences before the in-house exhibition, you can find here on Ms. Wüst's website for more information!


June 12, 2018: design objects from Indonesia


After last year's design wood objects from Indonesia met with great enthusiasm among our customers, we have again hand-picked pieces for you. Look forward to the in-house exhibition in the "Gallery of the Earth" on curved wooden pedestals, wine racks, noble chairs and more!





11. June 2018: invitations are on their way!

Last week, the house fair invitations were sent out by mail to our trade visitors. If you have not received any mail from us in your mailbox by the end of the week, please contact us briefly by email; we will be happy to send you the invitation and the Summer News with many novelties.

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale business for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but would like to come to the in-house exhibition? Then register here as a new customer to be able to be at the in-house exhibition!


08. June 2018: the goods for the fair is (almost) ready packed!

Yes, there we are even before the open house!

The weekend before is the big jewelry and mineral fair in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines in Alsace.

Zone Gem: Tents PT 13 - 16 with the Chili assortment: strands, intermediate parts & Clasps, drilled stone parts, lots of Larimar and much more

Zone Mineral: Tent RP 1 and 1b - double the area as last year! - With a large selection of Disc and Tumbled Stones


June 07, 2018: Sigh...... Soooooo schööööön...

For many years we have been supporting together with our customers the Honduras project of the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.

For the summer in-house exhibition, we present a fantastic selection of genuine black opals from Honduras - cut and drilled by expert hands.

Exclusively to be seen only at the in-house exhibition in Ludwigsburg as well as the week before at the trade fair in St.Marie-aux-Mines!


June 06, 2018: also for the summer in-house exhibition: 12% in-house exhibition discount!


Also for the summer in-house exhibition you will receive the House Fair discount of 12% already from a net purchase value of 500 €.The in-house exhibition discount also applies to the many novelties from all over the world! Excluded from the house fair discount are only articles from outside companies (eg Farfalla, Sambol, VitaJuwel), CDs, DVDs, mineral cards, books and other printed products, Findings for jewelry design and other items made of silver, as well as items at special and promotional prices. The house knife discount cannot be combined with other discounts, such as the loyalty discount.

June 04, 2018: New jewelry in summer colors arrived!

The new jewelry pieces from the Chili Jewels collection bring the sensory impressions of summer to life: The dark purple of lavender, delicate shades of rosé, colorful iridescent shell and other novelties capture the summer and its colors!

For the in-house exhibition, you will find the novelties from the jewelry sector as usual on the second floor of the mineral shop.


25. May 2018: the summer stone 2018 is here: orange calcite!

Orange calcite is our summer stone 2018!

Through its bright orange color, orange calciteconveys joie de vivre and optimism; pessimism and disorientation can be stripped away like a too
tight skin. Energetically, with the support of the stone new tasks are tackled, developments accelerated.

We have received a large shipment with numerous articles of orange calcite. Look forward to the in-house exhibition balls, pyramids, hearts, tea lights and much more from intense orange calcite! You can find a small foretaste here.

You are not yet a customer in our wholesale for minerals, gemstones and jewelry, but would like to come to the in-house exhibition? Then please register here as a new customer, to be able to be at the in-house exhibition!


May 22, 2018: Editha Wüst comes to the in-house exhibition: Practical knowledge about numerology!

The well-known numerologist and book author Editha Wüst will be at an in-house exhibition for the first time this summer! Learn in a personal conversation with Ms. Wüst, which is your personal name number and how you can strengthen and support the properties of the number (and thus your personality) with the help of the stones.

More information about numerology and training in numerology can be found here on the homepage of Edltha Wüst. 


21. May 2018: Proven stone healers again: Klaus Hüser and Monika Grundmann


The well-known gemstone expert Klaus Hüser is available on all of the house fair days for three different forms of gemstone consultation:
"Short and free": the quick, short consultation - free of charge, but certainly not for free!

"Get to know & reinschnuppern": 30 minutes that are all yours - get important information about intensive and helpful rituals

"Exclusive & noble": individual sessions for personality development and awareness (duration approx. 1.5 hours)

During the in-house exhibition there is also the possibility,  with Klaus Hüser information on the annual-group "Getting the ball rolling"  (beginning fall 2018).


Fitting for the summer and vacation season, Monika Grundmann, the developer of the Edelstein Balance concept, presents new wellness applications on the theme of "Larimar Atlantica".

Let Ms. Grundmann show you tricks, applications and rituals at the in-house exhibition, which convey Caribbean well-being even in Central Europe!


May 19, 2018: the Easterwood becomes musical!

New there at to the summer house fair in the Easterwood is the instrument maker Mehrdad Hossein-Aghdaie.

In his workshop, flutes, frame and shaman drums are created, which are designed according to the individual preferences of the future owner. Also possible is the painting with a gemstone motif or according to a photo template with a portrait.

At the in-house exhibition, various drums can be tried and tested - immerse yourself in a sound experience of a special kind!


May 2018: The treasures of Maharjah - popular minerals from India

India is known for its numerous gemstones. We have purchased a large batch of rough and have cut numerous popular items from the three popular stone varieties Heliotrope, Sardonyx and Tree Agate. Browse our assortment herewith donuts, strands, massage stones, nugget bracelets and more! For the open house, you will find even more items from the Indian gemstones in the big tent in the courtyard!


May 2018: company Berk - Inner Worlds packs the first bargains

Our co-exhibitor "Berk - Inner Worlds" is already preparing for the house fair and collecting many exciting bargains for the tent of fragrances. Also the popular bring-along service for the catalog articles of the company Berk gives it to the summer in-house exhibition naturally again!

Infos to the assortment of the company Berk with numerous articles from the range incense and incense sticks, meditation accessories and spiritual art you find here on the Website.


May 2018: Greetings from Down Under - Opal Charlie Comes to Summer Open House

A regular at the Summer Open House is back again in 2018: in the big tent in the front courtyard, you will once again find Opal-Charlie with the latest finds of Australian opals at the Open House. Marvel at the sparkling treasures in fantastic colors!