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Stone of the Month September 2023: K2 Azurite Gneiss Bearing and Meaning

Nature is beginning to prepare for the the cold, dark half of the year. The days are slowly becoming shorter and the nights cooler. The time of harvest begins and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor full of joy. However, we should also critically examine what we have achieved in order to separate the wheat from the chaff, the useful from the useless. Preparations are being made for more austere times.


For this period of change, K2 is a good companion, because in this gemstone the qualities of azurite and gneiss are combined. The blue azurite reveals to us ideas and habits that we have adopted unchecked and helps us to throw them overboard. This promotes self-awareness and critical thinking. In periods of transition the gray gneiss provides strength to endure difficult circumstances until they have been overcome. 


K2 Fact Sheet

K2 is not a mineral, but a rock consisting of the mineral azurite and the stone gneiss.

Composition: azurite in gneiss (quartz, potassium feldspar, plagioclase as well as mica)

Origin: North Pakistan, at the foot of K2

Formation: metamorphic, i.e. by transformation of rocks under high pressure and at high temperatures

Color: gray (gneiss) with blue sprinkles of azurite



Mineralogically, the gemstone "K2" is azurite in gneiss. The mineral came by the additional name "K2" because it is also found at the foot of K2, the second highest mountain in the world. Other names are azurite granite, K2 azurite and K2 granite.

Meaning and Effect

K2 combines the themes of gneiss (upheaval, transition, letting go of habits) with the power of azurite: (self-)awareness, experience, thoughtfulness.