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Summer Open House
Friday, June 17 to Sunday, June 19, 2016 (each 9.00 to 18.00 clock)

The summer shopping event 2016!
Today, Friday, June 17, 2016 opened the doors of the summer open house in the Easterwood. Numerous shipments of goods from all over the worldt have arrived and we have invited for you interesting co-exhibitors and gem artists. In order to be able to present all articles and attractions optimally, we have again extended our exhibition area during the in-house exhibition.

During the three in-house exhibition days, you will receive exclusively when visiting the exhibition in Ludwigsburg already from 500€ net purchase value 12% in-house exhibition discount on all discountable articles. The in-house exhibition discount cannot be combined with other discounts. Please bring your personal trade visitor invitation (valid for three persons), which we sent you at the end of May - no admission for private persons!  Your way to us - please click here for directions.

17. June 2016: visitors are amazed!
Visitors are flocking and marveling at the many new minerals, especially Rock Crystals: from Arkansas (USA) we have received a large batch of fantastic Rock Crystal specimens and crystals as well as a huge selection of tips of natural Smoky Quartz.


June 16, 2016: co-exhibitors arrive!
It's fragrant and sparkling at Osterholz! In our new exhibit space, the giant tent is filled with bargains and deals from Berk and the paintings by the gemART gemstone artists are hung. Also the drilling table for Helmut Günther is ready, Opal-Charly unloads sparkling opals and at the stone healing consultation counter Monika Grundmann is waiting for your personal healing stone question.


June 14, 2016: the tents are being filled!
The tents are in the front yard and filling up with treasures large and small. A focal point of the summer open house is a big lot of gorgeous Rock Crystals from Arkansas. Massive crystals, mesmerizing specimens and truly power crystals will wow you! Vibrant patterned bowls of Onyx Marble, new engravings, deep blue Azurites, Tourmaline (black), Orange Calcite spheres, Chrysocoll specimens, Smoky Quartz spikes - the list of special pieces and rarities is long!


06. May 2016: Opal-Charly is back from Down Under
On the last tour to Australia Opal-
Charly brought back again numerous fantastic bouldering opals! Look forward to a colorful, diverse selection of rough stones, cabochons and other treasures - at the new location at the open house is even more space available to view and select the opals at your leisure.


18. April: The container from Tuscon is unpacked
At the world's largest gemstone and mineral show in Tuscon/USA Bernd Stark and Marco Schreier were on the road to rummage for rarities and specialties from the world of precious stones. Now the container has finally arrived and is being unpacked - the first treasures have already come to light: Apatite specimens, Turquoise, Calcite spheres, Danburite, Variegated Copper spheres and other hand-picked minerals. These can be found at the open house in our large tent in the front courtyard.


17. April 2016: gemstone art comes to the Osterholz
During the in-house exhibition, the well-known artists Rita Koch and Rolf Hunkeler will exhibit their fascinating gemstone energy paintings. Inspired by the largest gemstone mandala ever laid in Europe, colorful works of art have been created in the artists' workshop since 2009 that powerfully convey the energy of the stones used.For more information about the artists and their paintings, which you can purchase at the Summer Open House at Osterholz, visit their homepage.


April 11, 2016: All co-exhibitors have confirmed
Summer in-house exhibition at Osterholz - that's even more than just a huge selection of stones in all shapes and sizes! To complement our offer, we have invited friendly people and companies who will exhibit at the open house:
* Berk - Inner Worlds with incense and many other spiritual products
* Gemstone Driller Helmut Günther
* Opal Charly with treasures from Australia
* Monika Grundmann with useful information about the power of precious stones