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Spring Open House Hours

Thursday, March 23, 2023: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday, March 24, 2023: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday, March 25, 2023: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday, March 26, 2023: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Free pre-registration

To ensure that you can shop in a relaxed manner and that we can take our time to advise you, the number of customers per day is limited. We ask for your understanding that registration by phone, e-mail or fax is unfortunately not possible.

Please check with this website before you visit, should there be any restrictions due to the current Corona situation.

Here's how to get to the 2023 Summer House Fair!

Your benefits of attending the 2023 Spring Home Show:

+ more retail space and therefore even more choice due to the tents in the front courtyard

+ 12% in-house discount from 500 € net value of goods on all discountable items (cannot be combined with loyalty discount)

+ Bargains and reduced single items - only available in direct sales in Osterholz, not in the webshop! 

+ newly arrived goods from all over the world and in all assortment areas, which we show for the first time at the in-house exhibition - often only small quantities available!

+ personal consultation with the staff

+ exciting short lectures on the effect and application of gemstones with Monika Grundmann

+ see, feel, try out, e.g. how do the massage stones of Lapis Vitalis feel and which chain strands can be combined well

+ Earn points in the Mole Savings Book and thereby secure merchandise credit and prize opportunities

+ relaxed shopping also on Saturday and Sunday - during the spring open house is open continuously from 9.00 to 18.00!

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26.03.2023: Uzzf! Schön war's!

Thank you for visiting us at the first in-house exhibition of 2023! Even though it was a bit tiring, we were happy to meet many of our loyal regulars as well as first-time customers in person for the in-house exhibition.

We look forward to seeing you again in July at the Summer House Fair.

27.03.2023: Thank you very much for your donation!

We were happy to invite you to Spring Salad or Spring Rice - your choice of falaffel or chicken - at the Open House. In return, we asked for a donation for the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. to enable a grinding course for the cooperatives in Honduras . In the donation pots came a total of 1258.33 € together, which we forward in your name to the association.

For this we say thank you very much!


23.03.2023: Here we go!

For loud preparations we have not even come in the last few days to keep you up to date - pallet by pallet amethyst formations were cleared with up to 50% discount in the bargain market, in the house was again vigorously replenished with new goods from the last freights and containers and the large tent in the front courtyard burst at the seams with all sorts of great goods from around the world.

Now everything is ready and we look forward to your visit! 

03/17/2023: Great new jewelry!

Today beautiful turquoise pendants were also prepared. Moldavite has also arrived again! 

3/17/2023: The construction

The tent construction of the Fischer company started today. Meanwhile, it also continues in the bargain area. Many amethyst druses were cleaned today and brought to the bargain market.

Only there and only for self-pickup there is up to 50% discount and all this only at the open house!

13.03.2023: Donations for a grinding course

We are happy to invite you again to delicious food (also vegetarian!) at the Food Truck at the Spring Open House. In return, we ask you cordially for a donation for the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. With the donated Money is a grinding course in the cooperatives in Honduras financed - the higher the donation, the more people can participate!

A donation to the association is of course also possible directly to the account of the association - details can be found on the homepage of the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. 


07.03.2023: Your benefits when visiting the in-house exhibition!

Only when you purchase at our open house, you will receive the following discounts:

3% house fair discount from 100€ net value of goods
12% in-house exhibition discount from 500 € net value of goods 
(on all discountable items, cannot be combined with loyalty discount)

Secure your ticket here now!

06.03.2023: Tourmaline in different sizes


Today wonderful black tourmalines came out of the boxes of delivery. They have different sizes.

02.03.2023: Blue Calcite and Rock Crystal


Beautiful clear hearts of Rock Crystal as well as great freeforms of blue Calcite were prepared today for the open house.

27.02.2023: Petrified Wood and Special Stone Eggs


Today, beautiful, large slices of Petrified Wood and very special Septariums in the shape of eggs came out of the many boxes. 

24.02.2023: Bowls and special "Cactus quartz" 

Today, a special form of amethyst was unwrapped, in the shape of cacti.

New beautiful, large bowls made of a variety of materials and perfectly shimmering labradorite were also there!

23.02.2023: Beautiful sky blue: Coelestine

Fresh from Madagascar! Great coelestine steps!

At the moment these are unpacked and priced. You will find the coelestine steps in the tent at the open house.

21.02.2023: Pure Nature: Smoky Quartz


And on it goes's with the treasures from Madagascar! At the moment Smoky Quartz tips and steps are unpacked. Great quality and above all untreated, ie not irradiated!

More pictures of the Smoky Quartz and other treasures from Madagascar will be available later this week - promised!

20.02.2023: Sparkling from Thuringia


Still on its way to us, but arrived by the time of the open house:

Sparkling Pyrite in black slate from historical slate mining in Lehesten in the Thuringian Forest. Slate has been mined, split and processed into slate panels, roof and wall coverings in Lehesten since as early as the 13th century. Especially selected raw material is processed into Smooth Stones, pen stones, jewelry and more.

More information about visiting the site and learning about the exciting history of pyrite slate 

Feb 16, 2023: Easter in sight!

Wasn't it just Christmas!!! And already Easter is just around the corner! From today it is only seven weeks until Maundy Thursday. 

After a large shipment from Hong Kong has been processed in the meantime, it now continues with Madagascar! Still many boxes and crates are waiting to be unpacked. 

You don't have to look for the gemstone eggs at the open house, though - just look on the Madagascar tables and find eggs made of blue Calcite, Septarian, Rose Quartz extra, and other stone varieties!

Feb-15-2023: Lectures with Monika Grundmann


The topics for the popular in-house exhibition lectures with Monika Grundmann are fixed! From Thursday to Saturday, the topics will be Gemstone Water at 11 am and Awakening Inner Strengths at 3 pm. The lectures will take place on the second floor of the Mineralienhandlung take place. Free admission, no registration required!

11 a.m.: So Simple - So Good: Gemstone Water
Do you taste the difference between "joie de vivre" and "serenity"? How does the detox -water "fountain of youth" taste? We should all drink more - this wisdom is banal, but yet always difficult to implement in everyday life. A small but effective Help to more water enjoyment is energized water with gemstones;

Monika Grundmann presents the different ways to prepare Gemstone Water. Which method has which advantages? Which water is ideal for yoga? Answers to these questions and many tips around the preparation of gemstone water. you will receive in the lecture. 

15 o'clock: The power is in me - strengthened by the spring
Spring is the time of new beginnings - not only in nature, but also for the implementation of ideas and the implementation of projects spring is a good time. Sometimes, however, things don't go as smoothly as expected, resistance arises and problems arise. In this lecture, Monika Grundmann shows how we can awaken our inner strengths and thus continue on the road to success.

Feb 14, 2023: Valentine's Day

Not only for today's Valentine's Day, gemstone hearts are a popular gift! Also Mother's Day, wedding, or wedding anniversary - or simply as a heartfelt thank you are popular occasions to give away. 

New arrivals include extra-large Rose Quartz hearts up to 10cm in size and 0.5kg in weight, as well as Amethyst Druzy hearts in various sizes and qualities.

10.02.2023: A warming greeting from India



It's still pretty fresh in Osterholz and occasionally it snows a bit. So the new drilled Moonstones in orange-pink came just in time to spread a little warmth.

09.02.2023: Noble Chalcedony

Our jewelry designers have also been inspired by the new strands:

Beautiful gemstone necklaces are currently being created using precious chalcedony and many other types of stones.

January 30, 2023: New strands for creative spring


With the current sea freight from China, new strands have also arrived again! Included were Mother of Pearl beads and Tumbled Stones made of Tsavorite, a rare green garnet.

Let yourself be inspired by the variety of colors and shapes!

27.01.2023: Tickets available now!

Please sign up for your preferred day so we can plan the Spring Home Show for you in the best way possible, such as food from food truck Blessing.

Signing up is easy, just a few clicks away and free!

Sign up for the Spring Home Show  

12.01.2023: Treasures from Madagascar


The whole goods receiving area is full of boxes and crates from the Madagascar containers. In addition to the popular classics like Petrified Wood and Rose Quartz, lots of new items have also arrived - including many unique pieces and small lots that can only be seen like this at the in-house show. Coming on time ensures the best selection!

New are, for example, eggs made of Smoky Quartz and hearts made of blue Calcite, Carnelian and Agate

09.01.2023: Meteorites landed!

The popular Meteorites in Pouch with Info Sheet are also available as extra-large pieces weighing up to 75 grams for the Spring Home Show.

A great, 4.5 billion year old gift from Campo del Cielo (Star Field) in Argentina!