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Andean Opal - Meaning and Effect

The colorful Andean Opals give joy of life and a wondering look at the miracle of life. Even if not everything went positively, but with the support of the stone can be optimistic about the future. Inertia and restraint can be overcome by the Andean Opal, so that on the home stretch of the year still one or the other in order or on the right way brought can be. 


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The Andean Opal is a stone of feelings. Especially in the dark winter time, the Andean Opal helps us to look into our heart and find our inner light there. The most important representatives of Andean Opal are the green Chrysopal and the pink Pinkopal. Chrysopal can help us dissolve trepidation and release repressed emotions so they can flow freely again, while pinkopal promotes warmth, sensitivity and affection. Many people suffer from the fact that these heart qualities get far too little space in the hectic everyday life. A problem of our time can be described with the words "too much brain, too little heart". Here are dthe strengths of the Andean Opal. It helps us to become more sensitive, friendly and open-minded in our actions and softens shyness and exaggerated restraint. At the same time, it awakens our spirit of adventure and gives us the necessary serenity.

Mineralogical profile of Andean Opal

Chemical formula: SIO2 x n H2O

Mineral class : hydrous oxide class silicon

Color: light blue, green, bluish, turquoise, pinkish, usually with dark inclusions (dendrites)

: matte to glassy

crystal system
: amorphous

Mohs hardness
: 3.5 - 7

: no fissility, easily fragile, brittle

: Peru

Opals are formed secondarily by chemical precipitation from siliceous groundwater by gradual drying. Initially, gelatinous silica gel is formed and, after further water loss, the solid opal, which still contains water.

The ancient American high cultures of the Aztecs and Incas recognized in the Andean Opal an "eye of the gods", which they left on earth. Especially in times of war he was considered a stone of hope. Its finder it should remind of the original harmony of humans, animals and nature, so that the balance of the forces is not disturbed too much. Even today, the Andean Opal in Peru is a very popular gemstone, which is also used for healing purposes.

As copper-containing mineral the Andean Opal, similar to other representatives of this group, Chrysocolla, Azurite, Turquoise and Malachite, promotes the sense of beauty and harmony. Copper minerals also stimulate creativity and imagination. Friendships and partnerships are harmoniously supported, as well as the sense of justice. The Copper in Andean Opal has a general mood-lifting effect, a property that can be especially appreciated in December, when sunlight is scarce.

Marco Schreier on site in Peru sorting the pinkopal rough

Andean Opal as stringed beads, (drilled) tumbled stone here in our online shop for retailers