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Apatite - Meaning and Effect

Apatite is a good companion when it comes to stripping off the apathy and making one's life active and varied. The gemstone brings the necessary openness and sociability, to leave suffering, listlessness and routine behind itself and to turn together with others to the beautiful sides of the life. Flexibility and the ability to self-overcoming are strengthened - perhaps so with the help of the stone a new hobby or leisure activity is discovered, interesting people met or experienced another enrichment, the the life more multifaceted..

Apatite comes in numerous colors, for example, blue, yellow, green or pink. By far the most popular in wholesale as in retail is the blue Apatite.

In stone healing, apatite is used as a healing stone to increase motivation and achieve a stable level of activity. Another well-known use is to help with listlessness and apathy, as. the blue-green mineral mobilizes energy reserves and strengthens independence and determinationt.

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His name received the apatite 1786 by Abraham Gottlieb Werner, who derived the name from the Greek word "apato", which translated means "deceive". Previously, the stone was more commonly mixed with other minerals, e.g. Beryl and Calcite. Therefore, there are also no clear historical traditions for applications and effects of apatite.

Mineralogical profile of Apatite

Chemical Formula: Ca5(F,CI,OH)[PO4]3

Mineral class: phosphate.

Formation: igneous, in cavities of volcanic rocks, in pegmatites and pneumatolytic formations, sometimes large crystals on fissures and hydrothermal veins.

Color: all colors as well as colorless but mostly blue, green, occasionally yellow or pink

Gloss: greasy or vitreous luster

Crystal system: hexagonal

Mohs hardness: 5

Splitability: imperfect to perfect depending on orientation

Localities, main supplying countries: Brazil, Canada, Russia.

Appearance: crystals, mostly short- or slow-colored, coarse, granular masses, microscopic in many rocks.

Use: An important raw material in the chemical industry, apatite is used for phosphate fertilizers. The apatite variety hydroxylapatite is used in medicine as a bone substitute (English bone graft) or as a coating of implants made of titanium.

For jewelry purposes, blue and green, and sometimes yellow apatite crystals are often used. Because of its low hardness - the mineral can be easily scratched with a knife - apatite is rarely faceted.

astrology, apatite promotes motivation and drive in Pisces-born people.


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Application in gemstone healing

Apatite is the ideal stone for activation on all levels: The turquoise colored gemstone conveys openness, sociability and liveliness. Motivation and drive are supported, phases of great listlessness and apathy can be overcome. Purposeful projects can be tackled and plans implemented. With its help, it is easier to make life more varied and to discover the positive aspects in every situation.