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Aventurine - Meaning and Effect

Aventurine conveys lightheartedness and relaxation. With its help, we can free ourselves from burdens and relaxed enjoy what we have achieved so far. The signs of the times are for this short, precious moment on recovery and regeneration of forces. Effortlessly, we now realize our dreams and make the necessary decisions for new projects and tasks.

In gemstone astrology, Aventurine Taurus-born serves to promote patience, compassion and the development of the proverbial "big heart" of Taurus.

Mineralogical profile of aventurine

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Mineral Class: Oxide, Quartz Group

Origin: Rock-forming in magmatites, sediments and crystalline schists (metamorphic rocks)

Color: Green due to intercalated mica flakes

Gloss: Glass to pitch luster

Crystal system: trigonal

Mohs hardness: 7

Cleavability: no splitability, uneven fracture

Localities, main supplying countries: Brazil (Minas Gerais), India, Russia, Zimbabwe

Appearance: mostly rough masses

Use: Aventurine is a popular jewelry and decorative stone. Aventurine often occurs in large coarse masses and is therefore often used to create large engravings. Some ancient figurines claimed to be made of jade were actually made of green Aventurine. The word "jade" does not refer to a specific material, but originally meant "rare, pretty stone" and aventurine really is a pretty stone!

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Aventurine is the relaxation stone par excellence. The green stone supports the serenity in anger and anger and promotes patience. Through the aventurine, openness and tolerance towards fellow human beings can increase, unshakability is promoted. From this position of calmness, regeneration can be particularly successful. Blockages are overcome, the energy can flow undisturbed again, calmness returns.

In wellness treatments, the aventurine is also often used as a massage wand. Its relaxing effect is particularly appreciated to tune and relax the treated person for further treatments. With a Aventurine massage also gets Yin and Yang back into balance.

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Origin of the name Aventurine and synonyms

The word aventurine describes a phenomenon rather than the chemical composition of a stone. Aventurine is a dery quartz with small mica flakes embedded in it. If you look closely at the stone, you can see small flecks, lines, and thin sparkling flakes within the stone. The quartz by itself is whitish-gray, but when these inclusions are green, the whole stone appears green. There are also reddish and bluish aventurines, which then have other mineral inclusions. The aventurine is not uniform in color - some parts are darker, some are lighter.The reason for this is the irregular distribution of inclusions in the stone. In the places where there are many inclusions, the stone acquires a rich rich color, and in the places where there are few mica flakes included, the color is rather pale. Thus this mineral also came to its name: "a ventura" means in Italian "on the burr".