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Barite - Meaning and Effect

Baryte has a supporting effect in the pursuit of stability and security. With the help of this mineral, we can concentrate on the essential, the important and focus our forces for this. Strengthened internally, can Insecurities and weaknesses can be overcome. Independently and freely, we can concretize our wishes for life and work on the implementation of our ideas and goals.

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Mineralogical profile

Chemical Formula: CaSO4

Class of minerals: sulfates.

Origin: from hydrothermal solutions of magmatic or metamorphic origin, and during the formation or weathering of calcareous sediments.

Color: colorless, brown, yellow, greenish; by foreign substances also red, gray and bluish

Gloss: vitreous luster, on cleavage surfaces also nacreous luster.

Crystal system: rhombic.

Mohs hardness: 3 - 3.5

Splitability: perfect splitability, brittle fracture.

Occurrences, main supplier countries: Germany, England, France, Morocco, Russia, USA.

Appearance: large crystals forming coarse-leafed and rosette-like aggregates

Use: As a raw material for white paint, for smoothing art paper and for fireworks; beautiful pieces are very popular as a collector's mineral.

Use of Baryte

Baryte is a barium sulfate known by this name since about 1800. Barite received its traditional name "heavy spar" (from the Greek "βαρύς" = "heavy") because of its relatively for a nonmetallic mineral high density. This property also makes Barite a sought-after material in the extraction of oil and gas: It is added to the drilling fluid and stabilizes the borehole due to its high density. Barite is also indispensable in medicine - As an aggregate, it reduces the radiolucency of concrete walls, which is used, for example, in the construction of X-ray rooms. As a contrast agent barium sulfate is used in X-rays.

For the ornamental algae living in nutrient-poor freshwater, a single-celled green alga, Barite is essential for survival. Within the cells of these organisms are fluid-filled cavities containing barium sulfate crystals. Ornamental algae tolerate very high concentrations of barium and will not continue to grow if barium is removed from the water. The exact function of barium for the life of ornamental algae is still unclear, but scientists suspect that the crystal is used in the Gravity perception is used.

Also from the Photography Barite is not to be excluded: Already in the middle of the 19th century so-called "Barytpapier" was developed - here the light-sensitive upper layer is connected by Bariumsulfat with the firm paper layer. bonded to the solid paper layer. The process has survived to this day, but due to the complex and therefore expensive production, it is almost only used for high-quality art photos.

You can find items made of Barite, such as Tumbled Stones, Strands, Drilled Stone Pieces and Donuts, in our wholesale web store.