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Dumortierite - Meaning and Effect

Dumortierite as the classic "Take it easy stone" conveys the necessary ease to tackle new projects and ideas optimistic and full of joy. Doubts and procrastination are overcome and left behind. Even outdated, ingrained habits can be shed like an old skin with the new year and the support of Dumortierite.

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The name of the mineral Dumortierite, which was discovered only in the second half of the 19th century, was given in honor of the French paleontologist Eugène Dumortier; synonyms do not exist. If the mineral is intimately intergrown with quartz, it is called dumortierite quartz; in both retail and wholesale trade, the stone is then sold by its trade name blue quartz or dumortierite quartzite. The color usually ranges from light blue to deep dark blue or blackish blue, but it can also be violet blue, gray, green, brown or reddish brown. The elements iron (green and blue tones) and manganese (red to gray tones) are the main colorants. The irregularly spotted to speckled pattern is typical. Due to its color similarity with Sodalite and Lapis lazuli, as well as in crystal form with Azurite, there is a certain risk of confusion with these minerals.

Dumortierite is formed for the most part primarily either from pegmatites whose magmas are silica and boric acid rich or by the influence of boric acid vapors on aluminosilicate rocks. Rarely, also as a tertiary origin, a contact metamorphism or the transformation of other rocks can be the cause of this beautiful mineral.

Use of Dumortierite in gemstone healing appilcations

About the effect of Dumortierite is - because of the late discovery of the mineral - in the historical literature on stone healing no tradition to application and effect to find. Today, Dumortierite is called the "Take it easy stone" because the mineral is often used in gemstone healing, when burdensome things should be released. The mineral stands for Zuversicht, courage and relaxation, supports the lightness of being and helps in anger, stress and hectic not to lose calm or to regain it. Also in overcoming long-practiced behaviors or to support the giving up and letting go of bad habits and lifestyles the Dumortierite is often used. Because of its supportive effect, Dumortierite is often worn in direct physical contact (power stone pendant, power bracelet, donut) or used in therapeutic applications (massage stylus, Large Palmstone, Small Palmstone, massage ball). As a jewelry stone, it is just as popular as a stone for the production of gemstone water.
In addition, Dumortierite is used in various arts and crafts items such as animal engravings. In industry, the mineral serves as a ceramic raw material for insulators and laboratory equipment.

Mineralogical profile of Dumortierite

Chemical formula, mineral class: (Al,Fe)7[O3/BO3/(SiO4)3], island silicate
Emergence: magmatic, on pegmatite veins and in pneumatolytic displacements
Color, luster: deep blue to violet-blue, brownish, silky luster or matte luster
Crystal system: rhombic
Moh hardness: 7
Splitness, fracture: good, conchoidal fracture
Occurrence, main supplying countries:
Namibia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Brazil
Appearance: mostly fibrous or radiating aggregates, coarse, rarely prismatic or acicular crystals
The astrology uses Dumortierite to convey lightness to Capricorn-born.

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