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Fluorite - Meaning and Effect

The stone type fluorite helps us not to lose the overview in times full of energy and to use our forces sensibly. Step by step, we put the necessary building blocks to achieve our goals on each other. The stone promotes mental clarity and quick understanding of even complex relationships. Thus, he gives us order and at the same time flexibility in the thoughts and their implementation.

On the spiritual level, fluorite promotes the free spirit and helps to recognize which areas in life are externally determined. Life can be so self-determined designed and lived, undesirable influences from the outside can be dissolved. The own existence is structured by the stone stronger, so that everyday life is well organized and manageable, but without sacrificing flexibility creativity and.

Through the fluorite can also restrictive ideas, thought patterns and behaviors be recognized and dissolved. In addition, the colorful mineral helps to create and maintain order in thought and action, which makes the Fluorite the ideal learning stone. Also, the ability to quickly absorb and process information makes the stone a good companion in all situations where learning and understanding are paramount. For example, a fluorite octahedron can be taken in hand and used as a meditation object before starting a learning phase.

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Mineralogical profile Fluorite

Chemical formula: CaF2

Class of minerals: halides

Origin: hydrothermal in veins and on fissures or as a mixture part of acid magma rocks

Color: all colors, often green and purple. The causes of the different colors are highly diverse and range from rare earth deposits to electron defects in the crystal lattices. In many cases, however, the exact cause is still unknown despite all the research.

Gloss: vitreous luster

Crystal system: cubic

Moh hardness: 4

Splitability: perfect splitability according to the octahedron, smooth fracture

Occurrences, main supplying countries: China, USA, Mexico

Appearance: crystals mostly cubic, zonal color distributions

Use: Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, is an important in dustrial raw material and at the same time a fascinating collectible. For the chemical industry, fluorite is an important raw material from which hydrofluoric acid and fluorine are produced or extracted. This is important, for example, for the production of Teflon, as known from the non-stick coating of frying pans. In medicine, too, fluorite is indispensable as a component of medicines.

Although the mineral Fluorite is colorless, there are often traces or inclusions of minerals that give it, for example, a green, violet or yellow color. Thus, fluorite is an ideal material for jewelry and carvings. From larger rough pieces are carved noble engravings and utensils with different colors and vivid stripes. Spectacular vases and fireplaces were made in England between 1700 and 1780. 

In astrology it corresponds to the quick perception, free spirit and inventiveness of the Aquarius-born.

In the concept of Steinwesen im Medizinrad, fluorite represents the themes of excitement, drive, power, and clear thinking; the associated affirmation is "I am awake and valuable. Easily create my future now."

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