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Garnet - Meaning and Effect

Grant is a stone that provides good support, especially in spring: Slowly the year picks up speed. Everything is on a good path towards success - the knowledge gathered in the quiet of winter manifests itself. Potential unfolds, everything grows and thrives. In nature, the signs are green and opening, leaves and buds sprout.

Garnet helps in this time of year, despite all the joy of the reawakened life around us not to lose sight of the supposedly small, unimportant tasks of everyday life and to do them persistently and with perseverance to pursue our set goals.

At the same time, the dark red stone but also promotes the ability to break away from useless or outdated ideas and approaches and to develop new ideas. Thus, with the power of this stone, we can use the spirit of optimism in nature to try out different ways and overcome initial resistance.

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In the "stone beings in the medicine wheel" the garnet is considered a bundle of energy and power stone; the assigned affirmation is "I straighten up and feel the inner flame of my heart. Strong and sensual I unfold my creator being."

Chemical formula: depending on garnet variety

Mineral class: insular silicates, garnet family

Evolution: Metamorphic, in crystalline schists and Gneisses

Color: depending on garnet variety

Gloss: Glass to fat luster

Crystal system
: cubic

Moh hardness: 7 to 7.5

cleavability: imperfect cleavage, conchoidal fracture, splintery, brittle

occurrence, main supplying countriesr: worldwide; in trade mostly from Bohemia, India, Brazil and China

appearance: Ingrown in rock, often beautiful, idiomorphic crystals, rhombic dodecahedron

Use: Garnets are classic gemstones, which exist in very many varieties. In the stone medicine especially Almandine and Pyrope are used. In astrology garnet represents the inner glow, endurance and transformability of the Scorpio-born. In the Indian Medicinal Wheel it is the totem of the Sturgeon Moon (constellation Leo).