Over 40 years on the market + own production in China and Indonesia

We always expect numerous consignments of goods at each of the four in-house exhibitions at our wholesaler showroom in Ludwigsburg: Containers and packages with tumbled stones, amethyst druses, gemstone strands, donuts, silver pendants, drilled tumbled stones and many other articles made of semi-precious stones arrive in Ludwigsburg in the weeks before the in-house exhibitions.

In addition to the extensive range of goods, we also always invite interesting people and companies to the in-house exhibition, who present their offerings around the world of precious stones during the three days of the exhibition.

Look forward to the summer in-house exhibition (30.06. - 02.07-2017) to the following exciting people and companies:


Berk - Inner Worlds

Special guest for the summer in-house exhibition: Company Berk - Inner Worlds with numerous offers, special items and novelties in and in front of the "Tent of Scents". Let the fantastic incense sticks and other fragrant goods take you to another world!

With pleasure, the company Berk will bring your order to Ludwigsburg to the in-house exhibition. Take advantage of this convenient service! For your bring-along order please contact the staff of the company Berk directly at 07771 - 80040.

You will find the "Tent of Scents" next to the barbecue and the new "Gallery of the Earth".


Surprise guest from Down Under: Opal Charlie

At the new booth location - in the big tent right next to the entrance to the mineral shop - you will find Opal Charlie with colorful Boulder Opals as cabochons, drilled stone pieces and in many other shapes. Marvel at the play of colors of this popular mineral!


Melanie Struck: "Investigation file healing stones"

...show me who you really are!

Stones, HUNA and consciousness expansion - Inspiring insights tied into an exciting novel plot: The policewoman Eva is visited at the police station by an angel who reminds her of her soul mission: she is to bring the ONE truth from heaven to earth and show people a connection to their Creator through the stones. Eva's mind ignores the message and doesn't notice that her soul has already taken over. The fate takes its course...

Receive from the author Melanie Struck at the open house valuable tips for the composition of your personal healing stone Kette! Gladly Mrs. Struck signs also its book "Investigation file welfare stones", which appears punctually to the house fair. You will find the author in the book corner of the mineral shop.

Gemstone driller Helmut Günther

How does a small amethyst rough stone become a beautiful piece of jewelry?

Quite simple: you give your brought or newly purchased rough stones, crystals, Tumbled Stones or other into the expert hands of Helmut Günther at the summer in-house exhibition. Mr. Günther then drills ddirectly to take away the stones at the in-house fair preferential price! Take advantage of this great opportunity - depending on the weather for the fall open house, the upcoming summer open house is the only opportunity this year for the on-site drilling service! You will find Mr. Günther in the tent in the front courtyard next to the gemstone strands.

Monika Grundmann: Fit through the summer with gemstones!

Uffz! Sometimes in the summer the long-awaited warmth and sun does get to us - the skin is stressed, you usually drink too little and before the big trip to the south, we are usually more tense than is good for us. Learn at the in-house exhibition of Monika Grundmann, the well-known specialist for stone healing and wellness, how we gemstones and their special powers can accompany us through the summer. Which stone, for example, can have a supporting effect on hay fever? And which Gemstone Water is particularly suitable for the hot days of summer?

Put Mrs. Grundmann on the three in-house exhibition days your personal "Fit through the summer question" and let you give valuable tips! You will find Ms. Grundmann during the in-house exhibition in the annex of the mineral shop at the Lapis Vitalis products.

On the website of Monika Grundmann you will find more information about the work of the stone healing author and product developer.


Klaus Hüser: "Bring the stone rolling" - Individual gemstone consultations

At the summer in-house exhibition you will find Klaus Hüser in the mineral shop at the transition from the main house to the annex.

There are three exciting topics to choose from:

The gemstone oracle: answers and (er)solutions!  
Here you  get important answers to crucial questions! Questions that move around your profession, the  happiness in your partnership, your money and your financial affairs and  of course, your physical or mental health. You get intensive impulses for your  personal and spiritual development. At the end of the oracle you get a personal meditation recommendation for the two oracle stones.

The Stone Triad: Your power package for a fresh start!
In the  Stone Triad, your three personal support stones are determined to really shape and control your life out of yourself.  They give you three  important qualities:
Overview. What are you doing with yourself and your life on the background of your soul plan?
Accuracy: How can the idea of your soul be realized concretely in everyday life?
Pulse for action: which  construction site needs your attention now?

Your four energy body stones: Harmony and vitality!
The 4 energy body stones reflect the now state of their own personality clearly and directly. They reveal limitations and weaknesses but also strengths and opportunities. They point the direction for the next steps on the path of life. With the gemstone meditation "Harmonization of the energy bodies" also explained here, you get an effective tool for well-being and health.

The number of consultation appointments is limited - therefore immediately by email or by phone on 0172 5612795 register and secure an appointment!
During the in-house exhibition, there is also the opportunity to inform Klaus Hüser to his annual group "Bring the stone rolling - Together on the road". You can find out more about this offer from Klaus Hüser on his website.