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Two eyelets - many possibilities: Design jewellery with bracelet elements

The findings with two eyelets made of 925 silver were originally designed for gemstone bracelets. However, there are many other ways to use these jewellery elements with two eyelets in creative design jewellery.

Beautiful jewellery can be made with all bracelet elements with two eyelets. Leftover beads and other shapes can be used as gemstones - the ideal use for leftovers of stringed beads hat have already been paid for!

Silver findings for bracelet with two eyelets

The flower of life is certainly one of the most popular symbols in silver jewellery. Probably the oldest depiction of the symbol, consisting of 19 circles, was found in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos in Middle Egypt. The flower of life is regarded as a symbolic representation of cosmic order, the cycle of life and perfect harmony. 




With a pair of curved ear hooks and two silver pins, you can create two beautiful earrings in just a few simple steps:

Elements used for the earrings with aquamarine and flower of life:

Ear Hook curved

Pin with ball 30mm


Pendant with vario clip

With the ingenious Vario clip and a silver pin, you can quickly conjure up a pendant: simply bend open the small eyelet on the vario clip, attach the flower of life and bend it shut again.  

These components are used in the jewellery pendant:

Vario clip

Silver pin 30mm



The bracelet element transforms a simple string of beads into an elegant piece of designer jewellery. The wire protectors on both sides of the flower of life give the element a special lightness. 

Flower of life is framed by

Wire guardian


Have fun getting creative with gemstones and bracelet findingd!

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