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Wire Wrapping - Limitless jewelry design with silver wire

In this workshop you will learn the design with silver wire and silver pins. You will learn how to use all the important tools, how to bend eyelets and charms and how to design earrings. Other topics include making charms for bracelets, making intermediate parts for chainn, incorporating connecting parts with wire and working with silver chains (yard goods).In this workshop, you will learn how to use silver wire to enhance your jewelry creations. It can be created with the help of the wire decorative intermediate parts, decorate drilled stones or connect them with beautiful eyelets. Clasps make, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms - ultimately all forms of jewelry can be made with the wire wrapping technique from silver wire werden.

The current workshop dates for wire wrapping can be found here - sign up now and secure a place!

In the workshop, we gave you a professional introduction  and a solid basis in the technique of wire wrapping with many ideas for your own designs. These ideas you can then immediately after the end of the course implement and continue - it opens up a variety of new creative possibilities for you.

Through the proper use of the wire, the taught bending and shaping techniques and the correct handling of the tools you learn,  how to make jewelry from wire professionally. For the wire wrapping technique, you will need only a few tools to create many different, creative elements and jewelry pieces.

In the course you will make two bracelets and a parr of earrings, based on which you will learn many important and useful techniques, but you will take away much more in terms of inspiration and ideas from the course. The course does not include soldering.

You can find the current workshop dates for wire wrapping here - sign up now and secure a place!

Once you get into the art of wire wrapping, the sky is the limit for your jewelry design!