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Gemstone Rune Kits

"Runen raunen rechten Rat" (Runes whisper right advice)

This is an old german saying, which briefly reflects the original meaning of these symbols. Runes were never profane characters to hold the spoken word, but always abstract symbols with multiple meanings. They were originally carved into beech staves, of which the word "letter" still bears witness today. Rune sticks and rune stones were used for oracles, for decision making in difficult situations. The rune throwing was therefore also always a sacred matter, which was carried out only in a ceremonial context. 

"To find the right advice" was the original meaning of the word "guess". To help with this was the purpose of the runes. Their effectiveness is quite simple: a naturalistic painting, elaborated to the details, accurately represents the view of the artist, but leaves little room for the viewer's own inspirations. An abstract painting, on the other hand, leaves open some questions regarding the artistic intention, but offers enormous stimulus for one's own imaginative interpretation.

This is precisely the intention of all highly abstracted symbols, especially the runes: to stimulate the imagination, so that we solve problems creatively from within ourselves. Because there is always a solution, if we have enough imagination! For this reason, each rune has a
many meanings. To interpret them should happen in the first place spontaneously. Whether we see in the rune a treetop, a power flow from above downward or an antenna, depends primarily on the question which moves us. The rune is then the signal that inspires us to

Questioning of the runes

As already explained, there are many ways to interpret the runes. There are rune poems and rune alphabets of different lengths and with different numbers of runes.

We present two common ways of questioning as an introduction. Understand them as a suggestion for further considerations and as an inspiration for your further, spiritual way! During the questioning it is important to put the rune stones exactly at the place for which they were drawn. If during the drawing the rune symbol points downwards, simply turn it over. The runestones are always placed from right to left.

I. The Questioning of Odin
This questioning is used to illuminate a situation you are currently in. Take a moment to fully empathize with this moment and your situation. Allow all thoughts and feelings that arise, without judging. Draw a rune from the bag. The meaning of the rune will be able to give you clarification and insight into your current situation.

II. The Questioning of the Three
Pull three rune stones from the bag one by one and place the runes in front of you from right to left.
* The first rune refers to your present situation.
* The second rune illuminates your personal challenge in this situation and shows you the attitude you should take towards the situation.
* The third rune points to possible clarification and development that will result if you adopt the above attitude and act on it.

Odin's rune song

The respect of the people for the judgment of the runes is clear in "Odin's rune song" (Havamal, Elder Edda):
"Runes you will find, and council staves,
very strong staves, very powerful staves.
Educator devised them, gods created them,
they carved the most honorable of the rulers.
Odin the Aesir, the Alfen Dain, Dwalin the dwarves,
As wid but the giants, some I cut myself.
Do you know how to carve?
Do you know how to guess?
Do you know how to find?
Do you know how to explore?
Do you know how to ask?
Know how to offer sacrifices?
Know how to send, how to redeem?
Better not asked, than too much offered:
The gift always wants retribution.
Better nothing sent, than too much redeemed;
so carved it Thundr to the guideline of the peoples.
There he escaped, from whence he went forth." 

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