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Mindfulness Crystals

You hold something in your hand, play with it and feel the texture of it. Do you know this? 
With each of these movements, you intuitively know how it will feel in the next moment. Exactly this expectation does not fulfill you the mindfulness crystal.

You turn it in your hand and are surprised again and again. Yet the shape is so intuitive, so aesthetic and seemingly so simple. Nevertheless it feels again and again differently, as we expect it to. Anthropologist Frank Wilson says that our thought performance is intimately related to the training of our hands. Thus, the Mindfulness Crystalencourages thought processes and each turn in the hand opens new ideas and insights.

Take your Mindfulness Crystal every day at a fixed time in your hand and let the unusual cut shape inspire you. Direct your attention to the intentions that are currently pending: Which resolutions and plans have you already been able to put into action, where is there still a hitch in the realization of your plans? Is perhaps a new approach, a course correction necessary - do you need a new idea? 

In addition to this energetic power, the Mindfulness Crystal is a wonderfultool for self-massage. The reflex zones of the hand can be playfully massaged with it. Intuitively, we hit the points that have a relationship to weak points in the body. have. By gently pressing these points with the crystal, we activate the reflex zones and get the energy flowing again. Whether in professional life or in everyday life - the energy quality of the crystal provides intuitive support for our sense of well-being - and not least for our health.

The Mindfulness Crystal is available in two sizes - for smaller and for larger hands - and in the four stone varieties Aventurine, Rock Crystal, Labradorite and Rose Quartz - here you can order


Gemstone selection

Aventurine - conveys composure and lightheartedness. It helps to let go of worries and steadily circling thoughts. A mindfulness crystal of aventurine is a wonderful companion to help you in stressful situations helps to calm down and regenerate, so that you can refreshed and good-humored again dedicate yourself to your tasks.

Rock Crystal - stands for clarity and neutrality. A mindfulness crystal of Rock Crystal helps you to strengthen your own point of viewn, it improves the perception, makes aware and brings clarity in thinking. He strengthens the memory. Rock Crystal is the ideal stone when it comes to keep a "clear head".
Labradorite -  leads goals and objectives clearly before eyes. The core and the sense of the goals becomes obvious, illusions fall, one looks behind the things and in itself. Also the intuition is strengthened by the Labradorite strengthened. Full of creative ideas and with great enthusiasm, you can so strengthened and without misconceptions dedicate to his projectsn.

Rose Quartz - makes sensitive and increases empathy. He clarifies both the needs and desires of others as well as their own. A mindfulness crystal of Rose Quartz brings. Open-mindedness, makes helpful, romantic and promotes a harmonious togetherness. A companion for well-being and heart affairs.


The Octahedron

An octahedron consists of two pyramids joined at the bases and has 8 equal sides. Its vertices point in all 4 cardinal directions as well as to up and down, thus to heaven and earth. It belongs to the five Platonic Solids. The "floating" shape of the octahedron stands for theair element and is associated with lightness in life and also with knowledge. It is associated the heart chakra and the color light green. Each of the eight equal sides of the octahedron points in a different direction, and analogously, it supports us to look at situations from multiple angles, thus finding creative solutions. The octahedron also strengthens our telepathic abilities.

The Mindfulness Crystal is modeled after the octahedron and its formal language and symbolism is reflected in it. In addition to the physical contact via the hand and the stimulation of the reflex zones, the mindfulness crystal also addresses the non-physical Areas and promotes the exchange on the spiritual level.

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Reflex zones of the hands

The reflex zones of the hands are also playfully massaged with the Mindfulness Crystal. Intuitively, the points are hit that have a relation to weak points in the body. The Mindfulness Crystal is also a shapely decoration, which is guaranteed to catch the attention of each visitor finds and to the in-the hand-taking stimulates.

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