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Gemstone wellness with Eye care stones

The set contains two eye care Stones made of gemstones (see below) and a massage sphere made of rock crystal. With these three stones, numerous applications on the face are possible - both in the self-treatment at home as well as in the context of a professional application, e.g. in the beauty salon or in the massage practice.

Well-being and relaxing 

The head is one of our most important body parts at all - with its sense organs we can see, smell, hear, taste and thus absorb our environment in us. In particular, the eyes as a mirror of the soul and gate to our fellow men deserve our particular attention - with the eyes we can take the beautiful things of life in us. The selected stone varieties of the Gemstone Balance® are accompanied in these sets by the Rock Crystal standing for clarity and freshness as a massage ball.
The Eye Care Stones are small contact stones, which are adapted to the eye by an outwardly curved shape, so thatno pressure on the eyeball.  The eyes, our sensory organ of the soul, which absorbs the whole world of images, are far too often flooded and overstimulated. Eye Care Stones act here in four different ways very beneficial:

- The effect of the different types of stones

- The coolness of the stones (room temperature is sufficient).

- Depending on the type of stone, the light reduction, which stimulates to look inside, inside.

- For therapists: The eye reflex zones can be harmonized here quite directly.

The Eye Care Stones are therefore ideal for a few minutes exit from everyday life suitable - whether integrated into a treatment or as a home application for everyone (-woman). Relaxing cool the eye comes to rest. In the Gemstone Balance® facial massage, which bears the name "Show the face", one often applies it to the conclusion.

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Which Eye Care Stones is suitable for which topic:

Amethyst - clarification, purity, peace, freedom. The focus of amethyst is purification and cleansing. It is very suitable for preparing facial tonic.

Aventurine - Letting go, well-being, light-heartedness. Aventurine promotes relaxation and rest. It helps to fall asleep, especially when circling thoughts prevent it.

Rock Crystal - Clarity, awareness, freshness. It energizes and refreshes the body and mind, bringing renewed vigor and clarity.

Epidote/Unakite - Uplift, recovery, recuperation. Epidote is the classic regenerative stone. It is used to strengthen and build up when forces are depleted.

Fluorite - Order, freedom, interest. The fluorite supports learning ability and sense of order. He makes agile, versatile and free in the head.

Magnesite - calm, patience, serenity. Promotes deep relaxation and stress relief, good for nervousness.

Rose Quartz -  Sensuality, warmth, compassion. A stone to indulge! Rose Quartz is the best entry-level gemstone for gemstone balancing, as it has an invigorating and rejuvenating effect.

Serpentine - delineation, protection, security. Serpentine is great for relieving stress, releasing tension and coming to peace. One of the most widely used massage stones!

Sodalite - perception, cognition, flow. Has a cooling and calming effect. In addition, it promotes fluid absorption in the body and is therefore a very interesting stone for dry skin.

Rock Crystal Sphere

The freshness kick for tired eyes. The ring muscle that surrounds our eye, as well as the many acupressure points around the eyebrows and at the edge of the lower eye socket are stimulated with the small Rock Crystal ball from the Gemstone Balance® facial massage. This also tightens the skin and the freshness feeling produced lasts for quite some time, as with an ice pack.

The Eye Care Stones set is part of the treatment concept of Gemstone Balance®.

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