Over 40 years on the market + own production in China and Indonesia

Yoni Eggs made of precious stones

"Yoni" means "origin" in Sanskrit and is used for the female genitals. Like any muscle, the pelvic floor should be exercised and the Yoni Egg does this especially gently, just by its weight.

Choosing the right yoni egg size

Each Yoni Egg was elaborately handmade, so there may be small differences in size. The Yoni gemstone eggs are available in three sizes:

small (about 3.5, x 2.5cm)

medium (about 4.0 x 3.0cm)

large (about 5.0 * 3.5cm)

The small Yoni Eggs are especially suitable for young women, the large eggs for experienced women who have already given birth. The medium size is suitable for all women.


Topics of the different yoni egg gemstones

Yoni Eggs from Lapis Vitalis are available in the following gemstones:

+ Amethyst (relaxation, karmic transformation)

+ Rock Crystal (clarification and purification, awareness of the sexual energy field)

+ Obsidian (transformation, integration of deep experiences)

+ Rose Quartz (harmony, connection of womb space and heart)

+ Serpentine (security, trust, safety)


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Applications of the gemstone yoni eggs

The Yoni Egg is inserted into the vagina and can be left there for several hours. The muscles unconsciously engage with the egg and so the effect of the stone is used. To take out the egg, the Yoni muscles are sufficient. For safety, the Yoni Eggs from Lapis Vitalis have a cotton ribbon. Each Yoni Egg comes with a brochure that explains various applications and exercises in four languages (German, English, French and Spanish).

The selection of suitable gemstones as well as the size of the Yoni Egg was made in cooperation with Ute Hüser. With the Armanu consciousness work developed by her, Ute Hüser helps women in particular to discover and develop their personal potential. More about the work of Ute Hüser