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Marco's Podcast

Marco's Podcast Episode 4

This podcast episode deals with a spiritual topic. Marco Schreier talks together with the author Ewald Kliegel about his book "Organwesen".  Read live by the author himself Ewald Kliegel.



Marco's Podcast Episode 3

In keeping with warm weather, this podcast episode looks at Gemstone Water. Marco Schreier presents excerpts from the book "Gemstone Water"  by Michael Ginger and Joachim Goebel (Neue Erde Publishing House).


Marco's Podcast Episode 2

In this episode, you will hear, appropriately enough, about the rock crystal an excerpt from the book "The Healing Stones of Hildegard of Bingen" (Michael Ginger, New Earth).

Marco's Podcast Episode 1

Mauli Radio will have its premiere on with a small excerpt from the book by Michael Gienger "The healing stones home pharmacy". Listen in, how excitingly and top-topically Michael described the topic