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Find the correct ring size - it's easy!

To ensure that the ring also fits properly and is worn with pleasure, the selection of the right ring size is crucial. Also cumbersome back and forth, exchange and costs can be avoided from the outset. To measure the appropriate ring size, there are several ways:

Measure an existing ring

A well-fitting ring is simply put on a so-called ring bar (also called ring stick). The one of the printed numbers located at the bottom of the ring is the ring size.


Measure the circumference of finger

Take a strip of paper about 5mm wide and wrap it around your finger. Mark on the paper the place where the edge meets the paper. The distance between the edge and the mark is the inner diameter of the ring and using the table below, you can measure the ring size. However, this method is quite unreliable and does not look very professional in jewelry sales.


Measuring the size by a Mandrel

The professional mandrel consists of various metal rings in all common sizes. By trying out the individual rings, the appropriate ring is determined. On the individual metal rings is the respective ring size.

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Chili Jewels tips about ring size messurements

+ The thickness of fingers changes throughout the day; for most people, fingers are thickest in the evening. Also, in the heat, for example, in the summer, the fingers are slightly thicker than in the cold.

+ Wide rings prefer to buy a little larger.

+ The fingers of the right hand of right-handen people are usually thicker than those of the left hand; please measure on the finger on the hand on which the ring is to be worn. 


Table of ring sizes

Internal diameter [mm]

German / European
ring size (circumference)

American ring size

Swiss / Polish ring size
 16.3  51  5,7  11
 16.6  52  6,1  12
 16.9  53  6.4  13
 17.2  54  6,8  14
 17.5  55  7.2  15
 17.8  56  7.6  16
 18.2  57  8.0  17
 18.5  58  8.4  18
 18.8  59  8.7  19
 19,1  60  9.1  20
 19.4  61  9.5  21
 19.7  62  9.9  22
 20.1  63  10.3  23
 20.4  64  10.7  24