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Ametrine - Meaning and Effect

Ametrine combines the inner peace and serenity of purple Amethyst with the dynamism and activity of golden yellow Citrine. This allows us to cope well with the demands of everyday life, stay relaxed and open to new things. The two-colored stone gives us creativity and momentum for new requirements - so strengthened, determine cheerful serenity and joie de vivre our everyday life.

Mineralogical profile of Ametrine 

Chemical formula: SiO2 + (Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na)
Mineral class: Oxides, quartz group
Color: bicolored (purple amethyst and golden yellow Citrine, with amethyst usually clearly predominant); color-giving are small amounts of iron. In the yellow areas this is trivalent, in the purple tetravalent
Gloss: vitreous luster
Crystal system: trigonal
Moh hardness: 7
Splitness: none; conchoidal fracture
occurrence: Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul), Bolivia (Sandoval Province, Santa Cruz); minor occurrences are also known from India, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.
Evolution: hydrothermal from weakly ferruginous silica solutions
Appearance: coarse masses as well as crystals up to ca. 20cm size
Availability: low

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Origin of the name Ametrine and synonyms

The name "Ametrine" is composed of the two components of the gemstone, that is, Amethyst and Citrine. Synonyms for Ametrine are Amecitrin, Bolivianite (especially for Ametrine from Bolivia) and Trystin.

Meaning and effect of Ametrine

Ametrine combines the clarifying energy of Amethyst with the dynamic power of Citrine, offering support to act mindfully and confidently. (Supposed) opposites can thus be combined into a harmonious whole. Thus, Ametrine conveys joie de vivre, enthusiasm and unshakable optimism, which is not weakened even by adverse external influences.

On a mental level, Ametrine strengthens the (conscious) perception and purposeful action. With momentum and energy, as well as a lot of creativity, upcoming tasks can be mastered.

Application of Ametrine in gemstone healing

The best-known applications of Ametrine are wearing it as a piece of jewelry, for example, pendant or bracelet, as well as de use as a meditation stone. Very popular is also the application of an Ametrine on the solar plexus. In difficult situations, a hand charm made of Ametrine can be supportive.

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