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Khyber Stone - Meaning and Bearing of a new gemstone

Kyhberstone is a greeting from the depths of the earth that has only recently become known beyond the boundaries of its finding area in northwestern Pakistan. Mineralogical examinations of the  EPI Insitut für Edelsteinprüfeung (Institute for Gemstone Testing) revealed that the rock consists of 99% Hornblende. It was formed from residual melt at the bottom of magma chambers, where materials from the Earth's upper mantle have collected. The bright spots were formed at a later date; their exact composition is currently unknown. X-ray diffraction (EDX) analysis has so far only determined that they are extremely fine-grained materials of secondary formation.

Mineralogical profile Khyberstone

Chemical formula: (Si7Al)O22(OH)2 and Ca, Mg and Fe in varying proportions.

Formation: crystallizes from magmatic solutions.

Color: green to black, partly with inclusions.

Gloss: vitreous luster.

Crystal system: monoclinic or orthorhombic.

Mohs hardness: 5 - 6 

Cleavability: perfect to perfect; usually brittle fracture. 

Localities: Hornblende worldwide; the only known occurrence of the Khyberstone so far is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)

Appearance: coarse, blocky masses

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Application of Khyberstone in gemstone healing

As a Hornblende, Khyber stone is a stone of unity and integration. If each aspect is given the necessary space, a harmonious coexistence is possible despite all opposites. If one is torn by the multiplicity of the possibilities, supports the Khyberstein to make a good choice and to do justice to everything in turn.

Since the Khyberstein has only been commercially available for a very short time, there is still no exact knowledge about the stone healing effect. Exciting, however, is certainly a look at the various minerals of the rock and the topics, which are assigned to these:

Al (aluminum): sense of reality, alertness, self-knowledge.

Ca (calcium): development, self-confidence, spiritual growth.

Mg (magnesium): relaxation, self-acceptance, cheer up.

Fe (iron): inner peace, alertness, processing.