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The colorful volcanic Jaspers convey strength, endurance and stamina during these usually stressful times. So we can cope with even unpleasant tasks and bring them to a good conclusion by the end of the year. With the colorful Jasper varieties we conclude the year in all its diversity. 

Indonesia is one of the world's most volcanically influenced areas on earth This is due to the special location of the archipelago: the more than 17,000 islands and islets lie in a semicircle along the important tectonic junction between the Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australian and Eurasian Plates. Indonesia and its volcanoes are therefore part of the "Ring of Fire," the circum-Pacific fire belt. This special situation leads to the fact that on the Indonesian islands numerous Jaspise of volcanic origin gives or Jaspise, whose components are to be owed to volcanic happening.

For jeweler and other retailer: jewelry, tumbled stone and made from volcanic jasper


Maligano Jasper

Maigano jasper was first found around 2011 near the village of Maligano on Kendari Island (Sulawesi, southeast Celebes). The colored jasper consists mostly of yellow, orange, red and pink material, which is cemented with white, gray or black quartz. was - so it is the Maligano Jasper a typical breccia Jasper.
In stone medicine, breccia jasper (also called rubble jasper) is used to strengthen the willingness to deal with conflict and to help not to lose courage after defeats and to continue. Damage caused by conflicts Can be repaired more easily with the support of the colorful jasper.

Ocelot Jasper

The green ocelot jasper is found in the region around Purbalingga (Central Java). This is an alluvial deposit, which means that the rough stones are transported from their place of origin by rivers and finally deposited. At When sand is extracted, the rough stones ocelot jasper are also extracted from the river, collected individually and then tumbled, cut and polished. Only particularly hard stones survive this transport route and are then processed into high-quality Products processed.
Comparable to the Heliotrope (Bloodstone), the green color is caused by iron silicate. This is rather rarely the case; mostly the stones are red or yellow. The light areas in the green Jasper are caused by the inclusion of volcanic ash.
At its place of discovery, the Ocelot Jasper is also called Green Tiger Jasper (green tiger jasper). In the trade, the name "Moss Agate" for the Ocelot Jasper can also be found erroneously.
Green Jasper is significant in stone healing for strengthening control over thoughts and actions. So calmed, you can more easily stand by your feelings and live them out. Balance and self-protection are other themes of green Jasper.

Java Sunset Jasper

Like a sun sinking into the sea, the evening red jasper from Java looks like. It is found in a former gold mine in Banten Forest in the west of the island of Java. The mine is now closed, but still in the area are the banded the banded rough stones by hand. The different colored banding of the evening red Jasper are caused by siliceous deposits with varying iron content; thus, the Java Sunset Jasper is a classic landscape Jasper.
The major theme of landscape jasper is to strengthen stamina, especially during prolonged stress. After failures, banded jasper supports to try again.
Because of the banding, the Java Sunset Jasper is also called "Cake Jasper" or "Cheese Cake Jasper" at its locality.


The various rhyolites are also frequently assigned to the volcanic jaspers. This is mineralogically, however, not correct, since it is with leopard skin jasper, rain forest jasper and Kabamba jasper despite their misleading name not jasper, but are precious stones. The name rhyolite is derived from the two Greek words "rhein" (to flow) and "lithos" (stone) and alludes to its volcanic origin. Rhyolite is the volcanic counterpart to the deep rock granite.