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Moonstone - Meaning and bearing of a shimmering gemstone

Moonstone supports us to perceive the signals of the subconscious and our intuition more accurately. The empathy for our own emotional world is strengthened and we are more sensitive to the moods and sensitivities of our fellow. If a sudden inspiration comes over us, we can be more receptive to this spontaneous idea through the stone.

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Its name received the mineral comparatively late: only at the end of the 18th century, the feldspar was called moonstone because of its cool light glow. With "moonstone" earlier also selenite and lady glass were called; therefore, when reading historical writings, pay close attention to which moonstone's uses and effects are described. Synonyms for moonstone, though very rarely used in retail and wholesale, are. Ceylon opal, hecatolite, cat's eye (when there is a clearly visible streak of light), water opal, and wolf's eye.

Mineralogical profile of Moonstone

Chemical formula, mineral class: (K,Na)[AlSi3O8], framework silicate, feldspar family.

Formation: hydrothermal formation on fissures in crystalline shales.

Color, luster: colorless-bluish, silver-gray, yellowish, brownish, orange, green; porcelain luster.

Crystal system: monoclinic

Mohs hardness: 6 to 6.5

Cleavability: perfect splitability, uneven, conchoidal fracture

Localities, main supplier countries: Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India.

Appearance: mostly coarse cleavage pieces, pale shimmer due to lamellar structure.

Use: Moonstone is a popular gemstone, which was traditionally used in the Orient as well as in the Far East and in Europe for love spells and to promote clairvoyance. A particularly strong effect is attributed to the moonstone attributed to the application in full moon nights.

Gemstone astrology uses it to support depth of feeling, intuition and fine perception in those born in Cancer.

Moonstone tumbled stones, stringed beads, bracelets and other jewelry at wholesale prices