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Online in the webshop browse and order - so easy it's!


Step 1: Log in as a commercial customer

So that not everyone who accidentally lands on our website sees your purchase prices as a retail store, jewelry designer, massage practice or other tradesman, we first show to the articles no prices.

Log in with your credentials on the website:

If you now press the button "Go", you will automatically be logged into the web store.


You will then see your name and the name of your company, your store. Also, the current status of your personal loyalty discount is displayed.

If you are already wholesale customers with us, you do not need to register again,

If you do not know your access data, please contact us - either by email at info@marcoschreier.de or by phone at +49 (0) 7141 44 12 33. For security reasons, we can only answer your request during the opening hours of our telephone consultation (Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00).


Step 2: Search for articles

If you are looking for a concrete article in the webshop, for example. because you found the item number on an old invoice or you have an empty package, then enter the item number in the search box and then press the magnifying glass.


If you do not know the item number or you are looking for a general item, then enter the descriptive terms of the desired item, e.g. "Rock Crystal Donut", "Massage Grip" or "Tealight" and then press the magnifying glass.


Important: Do not search for "tapeworm items", for example, Rose Quartz Heart Pendant, but for the single words "Rose Quartz", "Heart" and "Pendant".

Now you will see the items found.



Step 3: Get item info

Whether your search shows just one result or several dozen hits, clicking on the item image or the short text below it will take you to the item's detail page. Here you will find all relevant information, e.g. size details, material, country of origin.

On the right edge of the screen you will see the price of the item in the gray box, usually graded by purchase quantity.

If you want to buy this item, then enter the desired quantity and press the green button "Add".


Now the number of items in your shopping cart has increased by the counter 1, i.e. you previously had an empty shopping cart, there is now an item in your shopping cart.

The net total of your purchase is also displayed.