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Petrified Coral - Meaning and bearing

When we work hand in hand with others on the common success, the Petrified Coral is a valuable helper for us. The stone promotes the sense of community, in which selfish motives and petty discord in the background are pushed into the background. The togetherness is in the foreground, fears of contact are reduced and in the peaceful cooperation of all forces great things can arise for the benefit of all. Therefore Petrified Coral is used gladly, in order to develop the Team spirit and cohesion in a group to strengthen.

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Fossilized Coral items have not been cut from endangered or protected species, but come from fossilized Petrified Coral found in Indonesia as large rough stones. Petrified Coral, also known as "Petoskey stone", Coral Stone or Fossil Coral, is a very good alternative to recent coral, whose populations are threatened in many places, as is the case with foam coral.


From the large quantities of available rough stones, only the most beautiful stones that show the typical circular pattern of Petrified Coral are selected. When sawing and grinding the stones, the direction of the "grain" must then be observed. The mostly round to hexagonal structures are the structures of the coral that have been preserved to this day.

Most pieces of Petrified Coral that come into the trade are from the Jambi region on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. There, the coral grew on the seabed about 15 million years ago. Due to tectonic changes about 3.5 million years ago the seabed was up to the today's place of discovery lifted. 

Mineralogical profile of Petrified Coral

Chemical formula: SiO2

Mineral Class: oxide, quartz group.

Formation: secondary to replacement of original coral calcium carbonate with silica

Color: cream-colored, yellow to reddish

Gloss: waxy gloss to matte.

Crystal system: trigonal

Mohs hardness: 6.5 - 7

Cleavability: no splitability, conchoidal fracture.

Localities, main supplying countries: Indonesia, Morocco

Appearance: compact rock, in which the structure of the original, compacted coral stock with its hexagonal, multi-chambered "cells" can usually still be seen in detail.

Use: Petrified Coral has been commercially available as a gemstone for decades under the name "Petoskey Stone". It is a good alternative to recent coral, whose stocks are already severely endangered in many places.

In astrology Petrified Coral is assigned to Virgo.

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