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Rose Quartz - Meaning and Effect

Especially at the beginning of the warm season, Rose Quartz is a good companion from the realm of gemstones: with joy can now enjoy the growth and maturation in nature and around us. Lack, toil and already overcome difficulties are forgotten, sunny and carefree times stand in the house. Nature draws from the full and spoils us with a lot of warmth and energy.

Rose Quartz points us in this intense time of year to the fact that also the quiet topics of the heart may not come up short: Sensitivity, helpfulness and an open ear and heart for the people around us. With the help of the stone, our own needs and as well as the wishes of our fellow men become clear to us and we can work on their fulfillment with gentle but emphatic determination. Worries we can leave behind us and with the power of feelings to shape life.

Its name carries the mineral about since 1800 because of its color; previously, the various quartz were not distinguished individually, but summarized with the term "derbe Quarze". Earlier, Rose Quartz was also known under the - mineralogically completely wrong - trade names "Bohemian Ruby" and "Montblanc Ruby".

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In gemstone wellness, massage stones made of Rose Quartz are often used when the user first wants to familiarize himself with the treatment and effect of the gemstones. Especially for beginners and beginners, the Rose Quartz is suitable for many applications due to its effect - whether as a massage stylus, Water Stones or gemstone ball. In the concept of Gemstone Balance by Monika Grundmann, the Rose Quartz stands for the themes "Lust & Joie de vivre",

Chemical formula: SiO2

Mineral class: oxide, quartz group

Evolution: magmatic, from the youngest parts of pegmatites

Color: pink in different saturation

Quartz with a definite pink tone is called "Rose Quartz", but the color and properties of a Rose Quartz can be very different - depending on the formation. The color is caused by microscopic inclusions of other minerals. Therefore, there is always a trade-off between the intensity of the color and the transparency of the stone. The color of Rose Quartz also depends on the light source. Most Rose Quartz look beautiful in sunlight or in the light of incandescent bulbs, but absolutely terrible in the light of fluorescent tubes. Some Rose Quartz can fade if they have been exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time.

Gloss: Bold to vitreous luster

Crystal system: trigonal

Mesh hardness: 7

Spallability, fracture: no cleavage, conchoidal, splintery fracture, very brittle

occurrence, main supplier countries: Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia

appearance: mostly coarse, z.T. in large masses, by oriented ingrown rutile rarely with star formation (so-called Star Rose Quartz)

Use: Rose Quartz is one of the most common gemstones and is often used as a rough piece for interior design and garden design.

The extraction of Rose Quartz is very labor intensive, as all the material must be removed by hand. If explosives are used, the crystal will shatter and get tiny cracks. Once an interesting site has been identified, holes up to 3 meters deep are drilled, each about 15 centimeters next to the next. Chisels or wedges are placed in these holes, and one by one they are driven deep into the holes until the rock breaks away.

In astrology Rose Quartz corresponds to the sensitivity and need for harmony of those born in Cancer. Impulsive Aries-born he is to bring consideration and Taurus-born sensitivity.

In the stone beings in the medicine wheel is the Rose Quartz the affirmation "Blessed am I and bless all our being." associated.

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