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Information about shipping costs and tax-free delivery

We ship to all countries of the world. 
The shipping cost of your order depends on the weight and volume of the ordered items and the destination.


From 400 € order value we deliver within Germany a package postage free. For each additional 400 € turnover we send another package postage free, i.e. from 800 € you get two packages postage free, from 1200 € three packages etc.

If the net order value is less than 400 €, postage and packing is 8.90 € per package.
The maximum weight per package is 31.5 kg, this corresponds to approximately 25 - 28 kg of goods. For original cartons of salt, 24 kg can be shipped per package.

Foreign Countries

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Your country is missing in the list? Then please send us an email to versand@marcoschreier.de - we will be happy to inform you personally about the shipping costs.