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Smoky Quartz - Meaning and Effect

Everything slows down bit by bit,  last pale colors enliven the darkening nature. The powers of the plants are concentrated in the seeds and roots, which are waiting in the earth for spring. The outside becomes more and more inconspicuous and uniform, inner values and the things behind the things come to the fore.

Smoky Quartz supports the relaxed composure, which brings the slowly fading year. The still mandatory tasks are tackled with the help of the stone with vigor, sober and pragmatic considerations are in the foreground.Through this attitude, our resilience is increased and we can be relaxed, but focused on the stressful last weeks of the year.

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Smoky Quartz got its name from the brown color that looks like smoke. The word "quartz" itself comes from the Slavic (kwardy) and means "hard". Synonyms to Smoky Quartz are Cairngorm, Pseudotopas or Smoky Topaz, however it really has nothing to do with Topaz at all. Very dark stones are called morion, whose name can be traced back to the Roman historian and naturalist Pliny (b. 23, †79), who called this mineral "mormorion" in his encyclopedia Naturalis historia.

The Chinese name for Smoky Quartz translates to "tea quartz" which is obvious given the transparency and color of the mineral. Its color is almost always brown, which can be easily detected with a light source thanks to the transparency of the stone. Yellowish hues are also possible, as smooth transitions to Citrine are also possible (Smoky Citrine). The largest smoky quartz specimen found so far weighs 11 tons, is over 3 meters high and comes from Karibib in Namibia.

Smoky Quartz is formed by the influence of radioactive radiation from the surrounding rock. This radioactive radiation ionizes the lithium-aluminum centers contained in the crystal lattice, producing brown color centers. However, the mineral does not absorb the radioactive radiation, but only reacts to it, so it can be worn as jewelry or used as a hand charm without concern.

In difficult times, Smoky Quartz offers support in recognizing and resolving inconsistencies and contradictions. The view of how one's own actions are determined by feelings on the one hand and thoughts on the other hand, is sharpened.Tension and pressure can be dissolved and create space for balance and prudence.
In the Alpine region, the Smoky Quartz is also considered for many centuries as protective stone against misfortunes and strokes of fate. That is why soldiers used to wear pendants made of Smoky Quartz in the war and even today, cut crosses made of the dark brown stone are still worn with pleasure. Also in rosaries Smoky Quartz finds a popular use.

Chemical formula: SiO2

Mineral class: Oxide/framework silicate, quartz group; containing traces of aluminum, lithium and sodium

Evolution: Widespread in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks, in druses and on fractures, large crystals from pegmatites

Color: Yellowish, brown to blackish brown

Glossiness: vitreous luster

Crystal system: trigonal

Moh hardness: 7

Cleavability, fracture: No cleavability, fracture imperfect/flaky

Stroke color: white

Transparency: transparent to translucent

Occurrence, main supplying regionsr: Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Switzerland, Madagascar

Appearance: often beautiful, areal crystals with six-sided outline, rarely as crystal with dissolution phenomena (window quartz)

Chakra assignment: brow chakra

Feng Shui assignment: large single crystals and earth guardians are good suppression stones

In the "stone beings in the medicine wheel" one finds peace within oneself through Smoky Quartz, whose soft dominant energy envelops the person like a protective cloak of the finest mist. Thus, it helps in introspection and provides space to find tranquility. The assigned affirmation is "In me I find everything that is important to me."

In our wholesale webshop you will find numerous items made of Smoky Quartz, e.g.For example, Tumbled Stones, gemstone strands, bracelets and ear jewelry.