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Sunstone - Meaning and bearing

Sunstone gives the necessary portion of optimism at this time of year - or also at the beginning of a new project or a new stage of life - not to lose courage despite initial problems. The uplifting view on the own strengths and abilities, as well as on the sunny sides of life is supported by the orange stone. Negative views that hinder and limit can be overcome.

Origin of the name Sunstone and synonyms

Sunstone belongs to the large group of Feldspars and displays a copper to orange-gold glitter - hence its name, which describes its sparkling appearance. The synonym aventurine Feldspar, on the other hand, refers to the nature of the light reflections, the "aventurizing". In this process, shiny reflections are created in the mineral at embedded mineral flakes. Since these look like randomly distributed, this effect was name-giving (from the Italian "a ventura", randomly). "Aventurine" is thus used as the name for this light effect, which is independent of the mineral.

Other synonyms for sunstone are delawarite, aventurine sunstone, sunshine, and heliolite. Known as an imitation for sunstone is sand stone (also goldstone or aventurine glass), in which tiny pieces of Copper or Hematite are added to molten Glass; however, both seen with the naked eye and mineralogically, Sunstone and Gold River cannot be confused.

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Mineralogical profile of Sunstone

Chemical formula: Na[AlSi3O8]Ca[Al2Si2O8]

Mineral class: framework silicate, feldspar family.

Formation: usually forms magmatically in silica-rich pegmatites, more rarely volcanically in basalts. 

Sunstone is formed primarily from acidic to intermediate magmas, and here primarily in pegmatites as liquid-magmatic residual crystallization. Rarely it is also found in metamorphic rocks or by volcanic genesis in basalts. The mineral forms no crystals, but massive, coarse to late aggregates.

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Color: mostly orange-reddish brown with typical glitter due to embedded hematite flakes or copper flakes, but also pink, yellow, green, blue-green, colorless;

Gloss: porcelain luster.

Crystal system: triklin

Mohs hardness: 6 to 6.5

Cleavability, fracture: perfect, granular fracture.

Localities, main supplier countries: India, USA, Norway, Russia, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, China.

Appearance: mostly smaller cleavage pieces glittering through the inclusions, transparent in gem quality

Usage of Sunstone

Sunstone is a relatively rare gemstone, but has long played an important role in stone healing. He is considered a stone for optimism with encouraging effect, by helping to change the self-perception positively change, so that the personal sunny sides and strengths bewusst become. Sunstone is therefore used to overcome a negative mood.

The gemstone astrology uses sunstone to give Capricorn-born people a sunny attitude towards life and self-confidence. 

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