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Threading Bracelets on Elastic Cord - a step by step tutorial with video

You always wanted to know how to make a beautiful piece of jewelry with pearls, gemstone beads and silver elements?

On this page you will be explained in short steps, how to use elastic sord and other material to thread a bracelet.


Step 1:

Tug on the ends of the Elastic Cord so that the bracelet already forms round forms and is already tension on the bracelet.


Step 2:


However, it is important to keep in mind during the entire process of the knot, the Elastic Cord always firmly between thumb and forefinger with the middle finger, and that the entire time the tension on the bracelet persists! remains!


Step 3:


Wrap the overhanging ends of the elastic band once completely over the index and middle finger. wrap.


Step 4:


Pull the ends of the elastic band twice through the loop that has formed around the index and middle fingers has formed, pull.


Step 5:

Tug tightly on both ends and slowly pull your index and middle fingers out of the Loop Pull. While doing so, exert pull on the Elastic Cord the entire time.


Step 6:

When both fingers are freed from the loop (which has now completely contracted pulled together), pull the ends of the thread away from each other pull apart. Now only with a little nail polish or glue the knot. fix.


Step 7:

Finally, you can cut off the overhanging ends. And now your bracelet on elastic cord  is ready - Have fun with it!

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Chili Creative Tip:

An especially handy utensil for making bracelets is the tray for measuring bracelet lengths