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Creative jewelry making with Chili Creative - Your five success factors

1. Low start-up capital

Many customers of our mineral wholesale business have expanded their initially part-time start with chain designs and gemstone jewelry to an excellent business model in recent years.The entry is possible at any time part-time and from home.

For a basic equipment of tools and working materials (Clasps, intermediate parts and gemstone strands) and the basic course "threading and knotting" at the Chili Creative Academy are less than 500 € needed. We've put together two starter sets for you to get started right away.

2. High Profit Margins

Your jewelry pieces are unique - by using the field-proven and affordable Chili Creative gemstone strands, jewelry components and Clasps, you earn highly attractive profits. We offer especially common silver elements in big packs, and with many standard strands you save on top of the low wholesale prices through staggered prices. Also, our loyalty-discount system, which allows you to save up to an additional 12%, increases your profits!

3. Perfectly realize customer wishes

After attending a workshop at the Chili Cretaive Academy, you can excellently implement your customers' wishes regarding individually crafted gemstone jewelry: A bracelet for a particularly narrow wrist, earrings to match an already existing piece of jewelry of the customer or an extra-long necklace in stone varieties that match the zodiac sign of the customer, are just a few of the numerous possibilities. Go for unique jewelry and offer custom solutions to your customers!

Whether a certain color or shape combination is desired or your clientele would like to wear certain minerals for stone healing reasons - you can make wishes come true! If you want to make gemstone jewelry that has been manufactured according to the latest findings of stone healing and gemstone therapy, then combine the purchase in our jewelry wholesale with a visit to a lecture of the Academy Lapis Vitalis - the current dates can be found here.

4. Repairs and reworking of necklaces and bracelets

Many of your customers have defective gemstone necklaces or heirlooms at home that can no longer be worn like this. Offer your customers as additional service offer the repair of these jewelry pieces or design together with your customers a new piece of jewelry from the old heirloom!

Some of our customers, after attending a workshop at Chili Creative Academy, have also successfully applied to local jewelers to perform the gemstone necklace repairs there. Since not every jewelry store has itrained staff, this offers another attractive income opportunity.

5. Innovations and novelties

Our jewelry designers are permanently designing new intermediates and Clasps in silver 925 and the purchasing team is always on the lookout for gemstone strands in unusual shapes and stone varieties. With Chili Creative components and your creativity  you and your designs will always remain current, individual and unique! In the category "New Gemstone Strands and Intermediate Parts" you will find the newly arrived items. Likewise, you will find strands in the current trend colors in our webshop - and of course also at  numerous trade fairs at home and abroad, where we are represented with a booth!