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Thank you for your donation!

We were happy to invite you to vegan vegetable curry, goulash soup and kaiserschmarrn at the Christmas Sale and in return asked for a donation for the work of Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. asked.

A total of €835.31 was collected during the fundraiser, which we will forward to the association on your behalf.

A special thank you goes to Bernd Ostermann, who has been collecting for the work of the association in his store "Rummage and Give" all year long and brought the donation of 470 € to the Christmas Sale.


November 10, 2022: Know more about Amber!

Winter time is Amber time! 

From Monika Grundmann there are on the second floor of the mineral shop a lot of tips and information on the subject of application and effect of Amber - the free lectures start at 11 am and at 3 pm.


November 10, 2022: It can start!

There is much to discover on the three floors of the mineral shop and in the large tent in the front courtyard!

Amethyst in many shapes and sizes, Pyrite from Peru, laser crystals, Coelestine, Calcite, colorful Tumbled Stones and more - until Sunday (13.11.2022) there is still the opportunity to choose from the particularly large range of goods!

We look forward to your visit!

P.S.: There are no restrictions due to the Corona Ordinance - no mask requirement!


The Christmas Sale is open exclusively to our specialty retail customers. If you are not yet a customer, please register here.

November 09, 2022: The tents are filled!

Pallet after pallet has been cleared into the large tent in the front yard over the past few days. Everything is ready and it can start tomorrow!

For today is now closing time.

We look forward to seeing you from tomorrow up to and including Sunday.



August 2022 / November 08, 2022: Greetings from Bali

In August 2022, Marco Schreier was finally back in our jewelry workshop in Bali after a long Corona break.

The result of this visit is, among other things, a beautiful line of jewelry with Malachite and Lapis Lazuli, which we present to you for the Christmas Sale.



November 08, 2022: Always Beautiful: Amethyst

Amethyst is simply a classic in the gemstone trade: whether as an amethyst druse or charging stage, for room decoration or for energetic charging - amethyst simply has to be!




November 07, 2022: Still a little autumn?!

Up to 14° and sunshine are forecast for the four days of the Christmas Sale - our new jewelry pieces with Mookaite in yellow, red, brown and pink fit perfectly to these rather autumnal temperatures, don't they?


And energetically, the patterned gemstone was also a good fit for the times: mookaite encourages us to create multiple possibilities and scenarios in any situation and then choose the one that fits. 



November 04, 2022: Back again:

Among the most popular new selenite items at the Autumn Sale were these three: discs of selenite, optionally engraved with "Flower of Life" or "Tree of Life" and chakra wands.

Our purchasing has done some magic and so we can offer you these three top sellers again for the Christmas Sale!

The Christmas Sale is open exclusively to our specialty retail customers. If you are not yet a customer, then please register here:


November 04, 2022: Lunch break!

On the front courtyard is already hard at work - the tents are up and also the tables and pallets are already ready. 

But now is first lunch break announced!

Speaking of lunch break:

We would like to invite you to a delicious lunch break at the Christmas Sale: The choice is vegan vegetable curry and goulash soup with organic beef. Or if you prefer it sweet: Kaiserschmarrn!



03 November 2022: Lectures with Monika Grundmann


It's starting to get uncomfortable outside - high time to bring light and warmth into your home with Amber!

Profit from over 20 years of experience, the founder of the gemstone balance has! The lectures with short demonstrations provide knowledge about Amber, which will support you in the sale as well as in the application.


11.00 "More than fabric and stones - applications for the Amber pillow"


15.00 "Winter Sun Amber - Tips for the use of amber in the dark season"
The lectures will be held on the second floor of the mineral shop.
Admission free - no registration required!

More about the work of Monika Grundmann and the concept of gemstone balance.

03 November 2022: Cheerfully on...

...It goes today with the unpacking of the Brazil container. Beautiful laser crystals are just coming to light.

And just in time for the upcoming Advent and Christmas season, the crystal nativity scenes have arrived again!



02 November 2022: Rock Crystal gives wings!

Fitting for the upcoming Advent and Christmas season: 

Graved wings of Rock Crystal and amethyst! A good 16cm long - with it you can fly quite a distance!


02 November 2022: Carnival!

Even though next week on 11.11. at 11:11h during the Christmas Sale the official carnival season begins, we are of course open!

Also take the opportunity to shop on Saturday (12.11.22) and Sunday (13.11.22) - we are open continuously from 9.00 to 18.00 for you!

The Christmas Sale is open exclusively to our specialty retail customers. If you are not yet a customer, then please register here.


October 28, 2022: Pyrite!

We also received a shipment from Peru with great Tumbled Stones and lots of Pyrite items:

Flats with rough stones, hearts, Tumbled Stones, Freeforms to stand on and more! 

And the jewelry department is also busy sorting and labeling - and of course checking the quality of the handmade designer jewelry!



October 27, 2022: It's Christmas time...

On Christmas Sale weekend, the first Christmas market in the Stuttgart region will be held in Spiegelberg-Jux. After shopping with us, enjoy a little Christmas spirit on the village square and enjoy about 50 booths with handicrafts and decorative items - and of course culinary delights. On Saturday (12.11.2022), the Christmas market in Jux is open until 9 pm! 

Further information



October 25, 2022: Brazil!

In addition to the popular Brazil flats, pristine Agate Geodes have also arrived with the container. At first glance, these seem a bit unimpressive, but as is so often the case, the beauty is in the details! 

And we are excited to see what else comes to light - since travel to Brazil in the often remote finding areas is still difficult, we have purchased numerous items based on photos. Once again, the trusting cooperation with our suppliers from Cooperation with our suppliers from 40 years of company history!  

You are a dealer, jeweler, jewelry designer or other tradesman? Then register here as a customer in our wholesale and then book your Ticket for the Christmas Sale.


October 20, 2022: Tumbled Stones from Peru


Just unwrapping Tumbled Stones from Peru! 

Chrysocoll, Pinkopal, Anhydrite, Pyrite with crystals and more - in the big tent you will find a huge selection of Tumbled Stones from all over the world for the Christmas Sale! 


October 15, 2022: Let there be light!

For many customers, shopping at the wholesale store in Ludwigsburg is like a little vacation. If you want to shop in a relaxed way and stay overnight in Ludwigsburg, the Blühende Barock offers a very special attraction in November:

Luminous dream paths - light installations.

More info on the city of Ludwigsburg website


October 11, 2022: Why wander off into the distance...

Amethyst from Brazil, Pyrite from Peru, Mookaite from Australia - the raw material for our gemstone products comes from all over the world. In the current container, however, two minerals have also come along for which the raw material was found just a few hundred kilometers away from Ludwigsburg was found:

brown aragagonite from the Eichenberg at Lake Constance and white-black pinolite from Styria in Austria. 


October 10, 2022: Pack up your savings book!


Don't forget: Bring all of your mole savings books to the Christmas Sale! All full savings books will go into the raffle box by the coffee machine and on Tuesday after the Christmas Sale we will again draw the winners of the shopping vouchers!

More on the savings book here  


October 05, 2022: Salt at last!

What a drama!

The two containers of Alexander salt and new salt lamps were supposed to be with us for the Autumn Sale. But due to a loading error, the containers were too heavy for normal transport by truck, which delayed the delivery enormously. Now the containers are there, space is created in the warehouse and then it can go to the unpacking.


Salt lamps at reseller prices and tickets for the Christmas Sale only for registered trade customers! 

If you have registered a business but are not yet a customer, then register as a reseller here.



September 27, 2022: Many busy hands...

...have unpacked, weighed and labeled a whole slew of druse pieces over the last few days. Now the amethysts are well packed back on the high shelf, awaiting their first presentation for the Christmas Sale. 

Look forward to a good selection of affordable pieces in the big tent! 


September 18, 2022: The first highlight is set!

As early as the Autumn Sale, we determined in light of the cool weather:

The lectures of Monika Grundmann will revolve around the topic "warmth" - exactly fitting for the coming cold months! The details are still in planning; we will inform you here in the in-house exhibition blog and on Facebook.