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Summer House Fair 2024 at mineral wholesaler Marco Schreier

From July 11 - 14, 2024 it's time again: The big summer summer house fair will take place!

Look forward to additional sales areas, e.g. in the tents in the front courtyard, lots of new goodssnacks and up to 12% house fair discount!

Open on all four days of the fair from 9.00 to 18.00.

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Have you never been to one of our in-house exhibitions before?

On this page we have compiled the most important information for you.

You can find an impression of the last in-house trade fair in March 2024 here


June 19, 2024: Always beautiful: Larimar

Finally Larimar bracelets are avaiable again! Great colors, sizes between 7-8 and 12-13mm - there is a matching bracelets for everyone! Larimar one side polished pieces, engravings and many other articles have also arrived and are being sorted and labeled at the moment. Mostly only small quantities, therefore only available at the summer house fair in Ludwigsburg and not in the webshop.

June 17, 2024: A quick trip to France in between!

In addition to the preparations for the summer house fair, we are also preparing for another important event: The mineral show in St.Marie-aux-Mines! 

There are so many new products coming in that it's hard to decide what to bring to France. However, there is one gemstone that is sure to be at our booth in Alsace: Atacama opal from Peru, an intensely turquoise opalite-chrysocoll-chalcedony mix. 


June 12, 2024: Beautiful and practical: mineral flats

Perfect for the summer with numerous markets, festivals and other open-air events: numerous new mineral boxes, e.g. thulite rough stones, moss agate as jumbo tumbled stones and slabs as well as colorful calcite hearts. The sturdy boxes are ideal for presenting the minerals and very practical for transportation and storage! 


June 10, 2024: Even more new stringed beads

And on we go! More stringed beads have arrived with the sea freight - lots of standard articles, but also around 100 strings that we have never had in our assaortment before. New arrivals include many orange-red tones, e.g. red calcite, sunstone, Mongolian agate, iron pebbles and brown-colored agate


June 07, 2024: Magnesite and Eye Yoga

The topics for Monika Grundmann's in-house exhibition lectures (german language) have been set:

11 a.m.: Eye Yoga

Like the feet in reflexology, the eyes are a reflection of the entire body. Yoga for the eyes and the corresponding gemstones can therefore have a positive effect on the whole body. Feel the power of darkness and the energy of a blink! With the practical exercises from this hands-on workshop, you can experience relaxation throughout your entire body. Look at your everyday life with completely new eyes after the lecture and plan small breaks for your often stress-ridden eyes!

3 p.m.: Cool through the summer with magnesite

The coming weeks will be hot and exhausting - (mid)summer is just around the corner! This makes it all the more important to take short breaks to drink and relax in order to calm down (again). Magnesite can be a valuable companion here, because hardly any other gemstone conveys more serenity.

How about magnesite gemstone water, for example, enriched with a little mint? Or a cooling magnesite footbath after a hot day? During this lecture, you will learn numerous little tips and applications on how you can relax and enjoy the sun and warmth with cooling magnesite.

The lectures and the entire in-house exhibition are exclusively for our specialist trade customers; application for the lectures is not necessary.


June 05, 2024: Mother-of-pearl for summer jewelry designs

Summer can come: Just unpacking are many new stringed beads of mother-of-pearl - ideal for summery, fresh, light designs! Also well suited as an alternative to pearl strands, which are unfortunately becoming increasingly expensive. 

The new donuts made of light and dark mother-of-pearl are also very elegant - stable quality at an affordable wholesale price!


May 15, 2024: Greetings from Haifeng!

Preparations for the in-house exhibition are also in full swing in our grinding shop in Haifeng, China.

Canadian ammolite is currently being cut and drilled - no easy task!

Experienced gemstone cutter Gernot Jung will be on site in Ludwigsburg for the summer house fair - take the opportunity to let his expert hands drill stones for you!


May 08, 2024: Immerse yourself in the world of moss agate!

New at the summer house fair in the large tent: lots of new moss agate articles, e.g. rough stones in various sizes, jumbo tumbled stones and slabs.

Top quality from our own cutting shop in Haifeng (China) at wholesale prices!



April 15, 2024: The ticket system is online

The number of customers per day is limited - so you can shop in a relaxed manner and we have enough time to help and assist you during your stay. 
You can book your free ticket with just a few clicks – simply enter your customer number and zip code and then press the „Anmelden“ (register) button.

The ticket is valid for the entire day booked for two people (including children).


April 9, 2024: a lot of activities in Ludwigsburg!

Many of our customers who come to the house fair in Ludwigsburg from further afield take the opportunity to take a little break from everyday life. After shopping, going out for a delicious meal, attending a concert or visiting one of the baroque palaces is like a short vacation. We've already taken a look at what else is going on in Ludwigsburg during the house fair weekend - there are interesting events for everyone

Events in Ludwigsburg


First important information about guests

The spring house fair has only just finished and the planning for the summer house fair has already begun! We have invited three exciting co-exhibitors as guests for you:

VitaJuwel with individually filled inu!, lectures and water market 


Drum music with Mehrdad Hossein-Aghdaie


Lectures (german) and advice about gemstone healing with Monika Grundmann 

You will find all the details about these and other attractions at the summer house fair here on this page in the coming weeks and months.