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Attaching chain fasteners


Attaching chain fasteners to the threaded strand can be done in several ways:

Chain closure with hinged capsules

The thread is either threaded through the thread hole and knotted into a thick knot (capsules with thread hole) or knotted directly into a finishing knot (classic capsules). For additional security, lightly wet the knot and the inside of the capsules with glue and then close the hinged capsules around the knot with flat nose pliers.

Here you will find hinged capsules in silver 925 shiny and gold plated.

Chain closure with end caps (open and closed eye)

The small, open eyelet is used to hang a Clasp. Simply bend the open Clasp open a bit with needle nose pliers, hang the desired Clasp and press it closed again.

The large, closed Clasp serves as a counterpart to the Clasp that hooks into the large Clasp.

Here you will find Bell Caps in shiny silver 925, rhodium plated and gold plated.





Bending rings are open wire rings that are particularly versatile. They can be hooked into eyelets and are used to create connections of all kinds.

Binder rings are closed wire rings that are used primarily as a counterpart to the Clasp.

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