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Tourmaline (black) - Meaning and Effect

Tourmaline (black) is a primary mineral by formation, its crystal structure is trigonal, it is black in color and belongs to the class of ring silicates. Primary minerals are formed when liquids solidify. A disordered, unstructured something becomes a solid form. Trigonal minerals have a triangular internal structure. The triangle is the simplest geometric shape, a basic shape at rest in itself. Ring silicates are very orderly in themselves. Black objects "swallow" the colored light, neutralizing it. 

Summarizing these mineralogical properties, Tourmaline (black) presents the image of a mineral that promotes neutrality and serenity. The black tourmaline supports to become sober, clear and rational. In gemstone medicine, Tourmaline (black) is therefore often used for protection and grounding.

Minealogical profile Tourmaline (black)

Chemical Formula: NaFe3Al6[(OH,F)4/BO3)3/Si6O18]

Mineral Class: ring silicate, tourmaline family

Color: jet black

Gloss: vitreous

Crystal system: trigonal

Mohs hardness: 7 - 7.5

Cleavability: none; uneven, brittle fracture

Localities, main supplying countries: Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Pakistan, USA

Origin: igneous, commonly in acidic deep and gangue rocks. Pneumatolitic formations as displacements in the Granite or in the adjacent rock

Appearance: columnar crystals with triangular cross-section, partly radiant in the rock ("Tourmaline suns")

Use: Tourmaline (black) is used as a gemstone or as a collector's item, as well as increasingly for the interference suppression of electrical appliances. In stone medicine, it is used to promote the body's energy flow.Tourmaline (black) has, like all tourmalines, a very good electrical conductivity. After you charge a Tourmaline (black) crystal by rubbing it, it attracts ash particles. In the past, Tourmaline was therefore also used to remove old ash from pipes.

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Origin of the name Schorl 

In many countries, black tourmaline is also known as Schorl or Schorl .The origin of this name can not be clarified with absolute certainty. Tourmaline (black) was first mentioned in writing in 1505 by the humanist, physician and geodesist Rülein von Calw (1465 - 1523). One of the first sites of Tourmaline (black) was the Saxon village of Zschorlau and it is believed that this place got its name from the black tourmaline. Old names of Tourmaline (black) were Schörlein and Schürl. There are quite a few synonyms, like Aphrizit, Pierreponit, Schirl, Schirlich, Schörgel, Schorlein, Schorlet, Schörlich, Schorlit, Schörlspat and Schurl, but they are more confusing than helpful. Mineralogically correct is the name SCHÖRL.

Bearing of black tourmaine in gemstone healing

Tourmaline (black) is used to stimulate the flow of energy, balancing both a surplus and a lack of energy. It is an excellent helper during stress and helps to adopt a leisurely, neutral attitude . Tourmaline (black) is very popular as an energetic protection stone, for example, to lay a stone circle or placed on the desk. Negative energies and influences from outside can be warded off with the help of the stone.

Chains and bracelets made entirely of Tourmaline (black) or even in combination with other precious stones act as a protective shield against everyday harmful and stressful energetic influences from the environment. Massage pens and balls warm up very well and give off their soothing relaxing heat during treatment.

Large raw crystals of Tourmaline (black) in living rooms and bedrooms, as well as at the workplace, especially at the computer, are not only optical eye-catchers, but alsogood energetic helpers.

The Tourmaline (black) offers further support when it comes to recognize developments and situations not only as a snapshot, but in the larger context of past, present and future to grasp. Tourmaline (black) helps to control developments and bring them to a harmonious conclusion. Perception and creativity are thereby promoted.

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Stabilization of black tourmaline 

In its natural state,  black tourmaline is very friable and unstable, so that only very small pieces can be cut from the raw material, but not long massage pens and rods. However, because its effects make it indispensable, knowledgeable cutters have developed a process by which black tourmaline can be processed into larger pieces: The rough pieces are placed in a resin bath before processing so that the porous material can soak up. After drying, the rough stone can then be processed into styluses, rods, Large Palmstones, and other popular shapes. Most wellness and massage stones made of black tourmaline are treated in this way.

Chakra and astrology bearing of black tourmaline 

Black tourmaline is assigned to the first, the root chakra. However, as an energetic protection stone, it is also suitable for the other lower chakras, from the first to the fourth, especially for the third, the solar plexus chakra. For the upper chakras five to seven, the energy can be perceived as too strong in sensitive people.

The gemstone astrology knows Tourmaline (black) as a mineral that brings flexibility to Capricorn-born.

Tourmaline Quartz

Tourmaline Quartz consists of acicular Tourmaline crystals enclosed in Rock Crystal. In most cases, these are black Tourmaline (black). More rarely, green tourmaline needles are also found in Rock Crystal.

Formula: SiO2 (quartz) + NaFe3(Al,Fe)6[(OH)4(BO3)2Si6O18] (Tourmaline)

Formation: magmatic, in druses and on fissures, in pegmatites

Color, luster: white, translucent (quartz), black (Tourmaline), vitreous luster

Crystal system: trigonal

Mohs hardness: 7

Cleavability: none, conchoidal fracture

Localities, main supplying countries: Brazil, Madagascar

Appearance: elongated Tourmaline needles, enclosed by quartz

Clear quartz with regularly distributed Tourmaline needles are particularly sought after, but also extremely rare; in the trade, one usually finds cloudy-milky Rock Crystal, which visually forms an attractive contrast to the black Tourmaline needles.

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Bearing of tourmline quartz

Tourmaline Quartz is particularly well suited for the energy balance between Yin and Yang, that is, the passive-feminine and active-masculine principle. It leads to a harmonious balance between tension and relaxation and helps to accept oneself as one is and to accept one's own shadow sides. In this way, it promotes a holistic harmonious attitude towards life, which can also include contradictions without a feeling of being torn apart. Opposites can be harmoniously united with the support of Tourmaline Quartz, and inner conflicts are resolved. A Tourmaline Quartz necklace is therefore a good accompaniment in difficult, tense situations.

Application with tourmaline quartz

Build a stone circle with 8 to 12 Tumbled Stones of Tourmaline Quartz, where you regularly stay or meditate. Contemplative contemplation of a stone also unfolds the spiritual effect of Tourmaline Quartz well. For wellness massage choose a rounded stone, with which you massage in circular motions.