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Calcite - Meaning and Effect

Calcite is due to its effect especially in the spring, at the start of projects and generally in the initial phase of something new of great importance: calcite helps in these situations well against inertia and promotes activity, so that even obstacles can be obstacles can be overcome and previously unfinished business can be tackled.

Worn as a stone necklace or gemstone bracelet, calcite strengthens stability, self-confidence and steadfastness, so that one can continue the path to success started strengthened.

In particular, the Orange calcite (for example, as a rough stone set up at work) conveys through its bright orange color joie de vivre and optimism. Full of joy can be accepted life with its challenges, Pessimism and disorientation can be stripped off like a too tight skin. Energetically, new tasks are tackled with the support of the stone, developments are accelerated. With enthusiasm can so the own life actively designed and enjoyed!

Calcite is assigned to the zodiac sign Cancer and strengthens the initiative and drive in people born in this zodiac sign. But also people with other astrological assignment like to buy jewelry and donuts from calcite, since the bright colors convey joie de vivre and optimism.

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Also in the gemstone wellness  the orange calcite is used with pleasure, for example, in the context of the application "Sun in the belly" from the gemstone balance concept of Monika Grundmann. In his bestseller "Massage with gemstone wands", Ewald Kliegel recommends using orange calcite for strengthening treatments to use: The feeling for the own body is strengthened, the acceptance of the own self is facilitated. Thus, applications with orange calcite can strengthen confidence and trust.

Calcite exists all over the world - in many different shapes, colors and sizes. You can spend whole life collecting only calcite and still would not have a piece of every manifestation in his collection.

Calcite has - like numerous other minerals - no "own" color. The stone is white or colorless, but often contains microscopic inclusions of other minerals that color it orange, red, blue or green.

Limestone, an important raw material for cement, is composed of calcite. Cement is made by grinding limestone with clay and then burning this mixture. When this mixture is stirred with water, it becomes hard and solidifies and can therefore be used as a building material.

Calcite also occurs in the animal kingdom: For example, some mussel shells are made of calcite, and some algae also have a microscopic "shell" that is made of calcite.

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Mineralogical profile

Chemical formula: CaCO3


Class of minerals: Carbonates.

Origin: mostly sedimentary, rock-forming in limestones and marbles, on ore veins, in geodes and fissures


Color: colorless, yellowish by inclusions, red, green, blue


Gloss: vitreous luster to matte

Crystal system: trigonal

Moh hardness: 3


Splitability: very good splitability according to the rhombohedron


Source, main supplying countries: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia

Use: Calcite is used as a birefringent cleavage rhombohedron (double spar) for optical instruments. As limestone, it serves as a construction and raw material for chemicals, paints, cosmetics, and fertilizers.

New discovery 2019: Caribbean calcite


The name "Caribbean-Calcite" suggests that this only very recently known blue-green Calcite with inclusions and streaks of Aragonite originates from the Caribbean, but in fact the mineral was found in Pakistan. Like all calcites, Caribbean calcite also accelerates developments, strengthens drive and steadfastness. The blue-green color adds a harmonizing and calming aspect. Synonyms do not exist at the moment; only the English name English name Caribbean Calcite can be found in the trade.