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Fluorite Opal (Tiffany Stone) - Meaning and Effect

The Tiffany Stone consists mainly of opalized fluorite and was discovered in the early 1970s. The basic color is purple with yellow-brown areas as well as black beryllium veins. The beige-brown parts consist of jasper.

Stone medicinally, the mineral combines the effects of the three components fluorite, opal and jasper.

In modern stone healing, the Tiffany Stone is used to promote playful freedom, lightness and gentleness; it strengthens intuition and presence in the here & now, makes inventive and reduces prejudices. With the support of fluorite opal, it is thus possible to enjoy the present, let yourself go relaxed and not always think of the (possible) consequences and maintain control.

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The purple stone got its name from Todd Harris, the foreman of the Brush Wellman Mine - the most famous locality of Fluorite Opal Jasper. He recognized the potential of the beautifully figured stone and felt that few people would remember "Bertrandite", the mineralogical name of the Tiffany Stone. After pondering for a while, he christened the stone "Tiffany Stone" - an elegant, easy-to-remember name in his opinion. Known synonyms for the tiffany stone are "Purple Passion" and "Purple Opal".

The now closed Brush Wellman mine is located in western Utah/USA. Beryl minerals were extracted from it for industrial purposes. Meanwhile, a second site for the Fluorite Opal Jasper is known nearby, the Spore Mountain Lavender Mines. 

Mineralogical profile Fluorite Opal

Chemical formula, mineral class: CaF2  

Evolution: The complicated formation of the fluorite opal is currently not yet conclusively clarified.

Color: purple with brown-beige matrix

Gloss: waxy luster

Crystal system: cubic (fluorite), amorphous (opal), triganol / secondary (jasper)

Moh hardness: 4

Splitness: uneven

Stroke color: White

Transparency: opaque

Occurrence: Utah (USA)

Appearance: coarse chunks