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Edelstein Balance® - Beauty through Touch

The Edelstein Balance®, developed by Monika Grundmann, is a successful application system with gemstones for well-being. Seven themes, each with three matching gemstones, e.g. Rose Quartz, Ruby and Garnet for the theme "joie de vivre", form the basis of the Edelstein Balance® method.Elements aus Shiatsu, reflexology, stone healing according to Michael Gienger and other proven methods combine in the Edelstein Balance® to form a fascinating system for physical and mental well-being.

In the applications, gemstones are used in various forms together with appropriate fragrances and sounds.In addition to the fascia course, energetic aspects, such as meridians and chakras flow quite naturally. The latest research on resilience unite here with traditional knowledge.
The Edelstein Balance® is just as suitable for the home area for everyone as for professional use in the wellness or therapy area. For the internationally successful concept, there are the appropriate stones for gemstone massage, body and massage oils, eye pillows and water rods.
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Edelstein Balance® Seven Themes

Edelstein Balance® is a form of touch that moves body and soul; beauty is the expression of well-being, joy of life and inner harmony. Therefore, massages and wellness treatments can "make beautiful" and bring to light a real, deep inner beauty. The Edelstein Balance® is a holistic concept for wellness and cosmetics with gemstones, fragrance and sound, which is applied in the areas of wellness, cosmetics and gemstone therapy.

It was developed from decades of experience of theholistic natural cosmeticianin and wellness expert Monika Grundmann. Elements from Shiatsu, the reflexology massage with gemstones, stone healing according to Michael Gienger and other proven methods combine in the Edelstein Balance® to a fascinating system for physical and mental well-being with minerals.

In the many years of practice of Gemstone Balance®, various forms of stones have proven themselves as wellness items: Soap Stones, Gemstone Wands, Phoenix Wings, Massage Spheres, VitaJuwel and Water Stones as well as the popular Gemstone Oils for Massage. All forms are available in the seven basic stone varieties of the gemstone balance:

Aventurine (anti-stress), Epidote (regeneration), Fluorite (fountain of youth), Magnesite (serenity), Rose Quartz (lust & joie de vivre), Serpentine (security and protection) and Sodalite (get into flow).

In addition to the forms of the Gemstone Balance®, you will find in the various categories of our online store other wellness items made of gemstones and minerals in the wellness stone varieties.


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