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Europe's largest gemstone mandala

Mandalas have a long tradition in Buddhism and Hinduism as symbolic, spiritual objects that are intended to make complex spiritual relationships visually tangible. The symbolism of a mandala is intended to directly target the unconscious, so that certain areas of the psyche can be addressed and stimulated by certain colors and shapes.

The history of this energy picture with gemstones is quite special: the mandala was first laid on the occasion of the Stone Healing Congress in Freiburg in 2009 by the Buddhist teacher Lama Tendar Dhongyu. It was created with the wish for recovery and healing for all people.


Following the congress, the medicine mandala found its way to the gemstone ART artists Rita Koch and Rolf Hunkeler, who continued to make it available to interested people and themselves drew inspiration for unique gemstone artworks from working with the mandala.

From there, the mandala traveled in the summer of 2016 to its final home in the Osterholz in Ludwigsburg.

We are particularly pleased that the original creator of the mandala, Lama Tendar Dhongyu, was willing and able to find the time to prepare the mandala for the new location and again in a ceremony lasting several days to lay and bless. Thus was created the largest mandala in Europe laid exclusively of precious stones. This work was completed on July 1, 2016 with the solemn inauguration and blessing.