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Circles of gemstones

Stone circles are a beautiful way to experience gemstones and let them work on you. The circle as a protected space facilitates centering and gathering, "finding yourself" and "staying with yourself".The stones, in turn, determine the quality of the field you are in through their properties, shape, and color.

Stone circles with gemstones can be placed bothin the room, as well as outdoors. The stones are laid out for this purpose depending on the type of stone circle on the ground to a harmonic circle or oval , in which you can then sit or lie.
Outdoors, it is recommended to use slightly larger stones to achieve the feeling of a protected space.

The size of the stone circle

There are different variations of stone circles. However, in all cases it is important that the circle has acoherent size for you. Too small circles can lead to a feeling of tightness when you sit or lie in them. With circles that are too large, you do not reach the stones with your perception; it feels as if they are too far away or, in a sense, not there at all. Vary the size of the circle until it feels right for you. right. An approximate guide for the circle radius is "an arm's length", but it is better to adjust the size by feel! It is also quite possible that your sensation changes during your stay in the stone circle, that You suddenly want to increase or decrease the size of the circle. Don't be afraid to do that spontaneously then. Very interesting and e.g. for psychotherapeutic applications of stone circles quite meaningful is the experiment, to put a stone circle times consciously too small or much too large, to experience how the sometimes oppressive narrowness or the loss in the incomprehensible vastness feels.

The alignment of the stones

If you intuitively place the stones in a way that is coherent for you, then the circle or oval will feel harmonious, i.e. even on all sides, when you sit or lie in it. Should you have the feeling that you are pulled to one side or it presses from another side or you have the feeling of not sitting properly in the center, although geometrically this is the case, then you may need to change the position and alignment of the stones.
To do this, rotate the stones around their own axis where they feel an imbalance until you feel the stone is "right". Or move the stones back and forth a few inches until you find the optimal position. Sometimes this feels like you are moving the stone in a magnetic field: In certain directions it goes easily, in others there is resistance. Again, the position that feels coherent to you is correct. If you have corrected all affected stones in their position and alignment, finally the all-around coherent feeling in the stone circle sets in. Now your stone circle is perfect.

Many stones have energetic polarity, i.e. opposite sides (top/bottom, right/left, front/back) have opposite charge. Whoever is familiar with radiaesthetic methods (pendulum or dowsing rods) may find that stone circles intuitively placed so that they feel "coherent" usually show a harmonic charge distribution . Often follows in the course of the circle always a plus pole on a a minus pole or either all plus poles or all minus poles are directed inward, or it also shows here an evenly changing rhythm.
In this respect, the stones of a stone circle can also be aligned appropriately with the help of a pendulum or a rod, if you are familiar with such methods. In most cases, however, intuition will lead to the same result, if you proceed as described above.

Laying a stone circle

Whether you are laying out a stone circle just for a one-time practice or whether you want to create a permanent meditation space, the basic procedure is the same:

The choice of place:

Choose a pleasant place where you like to linger, if that is possible. After all, sometimes we use stone circles precisely to create a "safe space" in a difficult or discordant environment.
Stone circles can actually help create a calm place of centering and gathering even in an environment of distraction or clutter. Awareness of the surrounding stones makes it easier to keep distracting and distracting things away. Still, where there is a choice, you naturally make it easier to choose the best possible place in the first place.

Setting the center:

Once you have chosen the appropriate place, first determine the center.
For this, choose the place where you feel most comfortable, or which seems voiced to you for other reasons. Settle down once in this place. You should have at least an arm's length around space around you, even if your circle gets smaller afterwards.
If you have no other option, you can also lay a stone circle in a more confined area, but you may find that your sensation in the circle is affected.

Laying out the stones 

Starting from the center now lay out your stones to form a circle (if you want to sit in it later) or an oval out (if you want to lie in it later).
How you arrange the stones is up to your intuition. From experience, a symmetrical arrangement is usually felt more harmonious than an asymmetrical one.

Same is true with the alignment to the body.When sitting it is recommended, for example, to align the stones so that one is exactly centered in front of you and another is exactly centered behind you. If you have a number divisible by four, moreover, it is often coherent to place two more exactly to the right and leftof you.
If you lay an oval to lie in, it is almost always coherent to have one stone exactly above your head and a second centered below your feet. But also these indications are only Clues.The important thing is that the circle or oval is coherent for you!

Correcting the stones 

Once the basic shape of the stone circle is found and laid out, thefine tuning follows. Sit or lie down (as the case may be) in the circle or oval and feel whether you feel the overall arrangement as coherent. If that is not the case, then correct so long the size of the circle and the position and alignment of the stones or if necessary their number (as described above),until everything fits. If you have a coherent Feeling have, everything is fine! Then the laying of the circle is complete.

Gemstones for stone circles

The following gems (among others) are available to you as helpers
available to you:


Protection and security

Wonderful stone circle for gathering and stabilizing the inner center. Helps to process experiences well and strengthens an energetic, pragmatic creativity.


Clarification and liberation

Supports in difficult situations and phases of life, brings inner peace. Makes awake and aware, provides a clear head and. As a stone circle very good to meditation

to learn.

Aventurine Quartz:

Pure relaxation!

Let go of worries and constantly circling thoughts; brings well-being. As a stone circle very good to relieve stress as well as a good entry into the night.

Rock Crystal:

Opens the senses

Invigorates and refreshes the body and mind. Brings a clear perception that helps to see things as they are. Improves memory and as a stone circle helps to strengthen one's own point of view.


Jasper (all colors):

Grounding and stabilizing

Helps to shape one's life energetically. Acts as a stone circle
building up and strengthening, improves performance
and promotes perseverance and perseverance.


Calmness and relaxation

Imparts patience 
and inner peace.< Helps as a stone circle to go into the day carefree, work without stress and end the day in peace.

Rose Quartz:

Heartiness and well-being

Supports the joy of life, stimulates to love and enjoy life. Makes as a stone circle aware of one's needs and promotes body awareness and sensuality.


Snowflake Obsidian:

Awareness and Breakthrough

Assists in "digesting" unexpected events and unpleasantness. Helps as a stone circle to feel the own power (again) and brings initiative and drive. Promotes perception and the bright senses.


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After use

All gemstones used as stone circles should be discharged before use and then cleansed of extraneous information and recharged.

Here's how to clean and recharge gemstones.