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Gemstone Water - Preparation and Effect

Selecting gemstones

The stones used should be of good quality, that is, clearly show their natural properties. Treated stones, especially colored or irradiated are to be avoided. Lapis Vitalis® Water Stones meet all quality criteria: The stones pre-tumbled to avoid splinters are pure natural stones from carefully selected non-toxic stone varieties. 

For the selection of the stone type applies:
Which stone strikes you spontaneously? This stone is often a very good Water Stones for mental balance. Feel your stone with your eyes closed. The stone, which triggers a positive sensation in this way, conveys this also in the gemstone water. Or choose the stone based on its descriptions in the literature, the gemstone water has similar properties as the stone itself in this context.

Important: In the case of physical illness or strong mental complaints, you should use gemstone water in principle only after consultation with your doctor, alternative practitioner or therapist.

You can find the current range with Water Stones from Lapis Vitalis here.


Cleaning the stones 

Before preparing the stones to the gemstone water, they should be thoroughly cleaned: 
+ Cleaning by brushing until the stones are completely clean.
+ Thorough rinsing under cold running water.
+ Energetic cleaning by placing on an amethyst druse piece.

Inserting the stones

The actual manufacturing process begins with the insertion of the stones: 
+ Rinse out the cleaned vessel.
+ Gently insert the stones with clean hands or tongs.
+ Pouring the water so that the stones are completely covered.
+ Filtering the water: it is recommended to put the gemstone water in a separate vessel and then filter and decant.

Duration of preparation

The stones should be in the water until the effect of the information absorbed by due gemstones is felt and lasts for a few days if possible. The Water Stones should not, on the other hand, lie in it for too long, because water eventually becomes stale and begins to germinate. The following times have proven to be useful: At least two hours; then the effect begins to unfold. Two days at the most; more is not necessary. 

Continuous restarting up to a week is possible. In this case, the water above the stones is poured off at least once a day to 80%. Subsequently, with fresh water is refilled. The water poured off for use becomes more and more intensive, as more intensive, since 20% always remain in the vessel. However, after a week at the latest, the vessel and stones should be thoroughly cleaned.

Drying the stones

The stones should be cleaned and dried well. Rinse the stones thoroughly under running water, then dry the stones with a fresh towel. Place the stones in a warm place until they are completely dry. You must clean the stones after 
Apply not energetically clean, but should do so before you reuse the stones.


Storage of gemstone water

Water is very absorbent, also loses this information again. Depending on how and where you store gemstone water, it can be stored for up to a week without preservation. 
+ Store in a cool place; the warmer the water, the faster it loses the information.
+ Store radiation-free; earth rays and electrosmog destroy gemstone information.
+ Store closed; open gemstone water should be stored for a maximum of one day.

You can find the current range of Water Stones from Lapis Vitalis here.